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Revenue Intelligence
10 Best Revenue Intelligence Platforms of 2023

A revenue intelligence platform is a type of software that lets you extract, analyze, and process data from multiple sources across your revenue-generating teams.

The beauty of this new software within the RevOps world is that it leverages AI to extract actionable insights, pretty much like Big Data does from a Data Lake.

Key Features

Here are some of the features shared across most of these platforms and that should be the basic feature set you should look for.

  1. Call recording & analysis: The software will automatically record conversation and analyze the audio file to extract information.
  2. Pipeline management: An overall view of performance across your Sales and Marketing pipelines. This feature normally can work through an integration with your CRM platform.
  3. Integrations: As a data aggregator, the revenue intelligence platform needs
  4. Coaching: A feature that allows you to focus on data across your team and get insights as to who needs a bit of guidance and on what.

10 Best Revenue Intelligence Platforms List

  1. - Complete visibility into all deals, team performance, and market changes.
  2. Salesforce - Tableau-powered analytics to drive revenue in the organization.
  3. - RevOps platform for conversation guidance, sales engagement, and live call insights.
  4. Salesloft - Sales engagement platform with automatic synchronization to your CRM.
  5. Revenue Grid - Revenue operations and intelligence platform with automated data capture.
  6. Revenue Grid - Revenue operations and intelligence platform with automated data capture.
  7. Paperflite - Gather insights on Marketing and Sales collateral and make decisions based on data.
  8. Clari - Revenue platform with conversation intelligence so you can move deals forward.
  9. Groove - AI-driven insights to improve your Sales quota performance.
  10. - Gather data from calls, meetings and emails & deliver insights in your preferred

Is Revenue Intelligence new?

Yes! Revenue intelligence is a new term used to represent the analytics platforms that help us gather insights from data collected across all revenue-generating teams. These teams include Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams.

Which is the best tool for Revenue Intelligence?

There are two answers to this question. The first is that the best revenue intelligence platform is the one that has the capability of centralizing all the information from your teams, whether that is through an integration or a native feature.

The second answer is that the leading tool at the moment is

Final thoughts

Revenue intelligence is a term that we expect to evolve as a software category in the near future. Keep up to date with all our latest content by following us on LinkedIn.

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By Phil Gray

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