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12 Best Conversation Intelligence Software In 2023

Best Conversation Intelligence Software Shortlist 

Below is my selection of top tools for a variety of use cases that made my conversation intelligence software list.

  1.  - Best for eliminating manual QA processes with automated call QA
  2. Mindtickle - Best for spreading winning behaviors to improve team performance
  3. Jiminny - Best for fast-tracking team development for new hires and veterans
  4. - Best for enhancing meeting productivity with AI-generated summaries
  5. Gong - Best for training your own AI
  6. Clari Copilot - Best for timely actionable alerts from a proactive AI
  7. CallRail - Best for accurate sentiment analysis
  8. Enthu.AI - Best for evaluation management that rates calls and gives feedback
  9. - Best for identifying and resolving human performance problems
  10. Grain - Best for providing AI recording and tools for more than just sales teams
  11. Fathom - Best for comprehensive tracking of business performance
  12. Chorus by ZoomInfo - Best for leveraging proprietary machine learning

If your sales team needs a little extra guidance and support to improve their calls, conversation intelligence software could provide unique and actionable insights through recordings, transcriptions, and analysis. Many of these AI tools can also automate some of your call processes and help coach new team members. 

Take a look at this comprehensive overview to discover the top conversation intelligence software, learn more about what conversation intelligence can do for your organization, and decide whether this is a tool you need to add to your tech stack.

What Is Conversation Intelligence Software?

Also known as CI software, conversation intelligence tools record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls. Using artificial intelligence, conversation intelligence software also identifies topics and keywords during the conversation to create a searchable database so that users can quickly find and revisit those points within recorded sales calls to spot trends and discover insights.

Since the core of these tools ensures accurate recording and transcription, CI software can be used for note-taking, coaching new sales team members on best practices, identifying non-compliant conversations, and enforcing agreements with verbal recordings.

Overviews of the 12 Best Conversation Intelligence Software

As you explore my breakdown of the top conversation intelligence platforms, you'll find a short summary of the platform’s main use case, a highlight of their best features, and a snapshot of the internal workings. I've also included an overview of the pricing and any free trial offers, as well as a few pros and cons for a quick determination of whether the tool is right for you.

1. - Best for eliminating manual QA processes with automated call QA conversation intelligence software screenshot delivers automated quality assurance that scores 100% of your calls instead of relying on a random sampling.

This contact center-focused QA and conversation intelligence platform is powered by AI to deliver conversation analysis, agent coaching, behavior analysis, and omnichannel conversation audits. Convin is designed to boost conversions through better agent effectiveness that results in improved customer satisfaction. This platform also comes with an LMS to enhance learning with manual coaching, exams, and coaching.

Why I picked This platform caught my eye because it promises to deliver 100% communication quality assurance that rids you of random sampling, erroneous scoring, and human bias. Whether it’s chats, emails, or calls, can monitor every channel to assess agent performance and ensure compliance across your entire organization. Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include call behavior analysis that identifies top-performing best practices and notifies you of wide-scale changes that should be implemented at scale, as well as automated agent coaching that personalizes training based on skill and frees up your management team.

Integrations include Freshcaller, Freshworks, Google Calendar, Intercom, Leadsquared, Microsoft Outlook, Pipedrive, Ringover, Slack, Zendesk, and Zoho CRM. 

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free plan available

  • Beginner-friendly learning process
  • Good for non-technical users
  • Great customer support team
  • Occasional data download issues
  • Occasional lag in loading

2. Mindtickle - Best for spreading winning behaviors to improve team performance

mindtickle conversation intelligence software screenshot
Mindtickle provides sales conversation analysis to share and train winning behaviors.

This platform is a learning board with integrated conversation intelligence that helps your sales leaders track key learning skills, provide personalized training for better sales performance, and connect to other training tools. Mindtickle focuses on providing a single place for content, training, and coaching with robust reporting and analytics capabilities.

Why I picked Mindtickle: I chose this platform for my list because of the way it can help you spread winning behaviors at scale. You no longer need to track each customer call individually to identify the best selling behaviors or train every rep personally to ensure these best practices are assimilated. Mindtickle automates tracking and training for you to streamline pain point resolution.

Mindtickle Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include AI-driven coaching and training that reinforces skills-based learning based on personalized feedback, as well as automated capture, scoring, and analysis of buyer interactions to identify essential deal risks and buying behaviors.

Integrations include ActiveDirectory, BambooHR, Box, Dropbox, Khan Academy, Mediafly, Okta, Salesforce Sales Cloud, YouTube, and Workday. 

Pricing One-Liner: From $30/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Consistent updates with new features
  • Lots of out of the box templates
  • Accessible customer support team and training blogs
  • Blogs don’t cover advanced training
  • Limited analytics capabilities on the platform

3. Jiminny - Best for fast-tracking team development for new hires and veterans

jiminny conversation intelligence software screenshot
Jiminny allows you to search conversations based on keyword, company name, and host.

Designed to help commercial teams maximize their revenue, Jiminny is a conversation intelligence solution that records, transcribes, and analyzes conversations for valuable insights about your team performance and full visibility into all activities. Jiminny strives to nurture a winning performance culture by highlighting successes and sharing knowledge that enhances your sales process.

Why I picked Jiminny: I like this tool because it has a feature that focuses on fast-tracking onboarding and improvement across your whole team. With Jiminny’s collaborative Playlists, they claim they can cut onboarding time by a third through collections that are put together by your most experienced sales talent. 

You recognize and empower these top performers by encouraging them to build playlists with saved conversation snippets or full phone calls that they can then share with their teammates.

Jiminny Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include a Snippets feature that allows team members to capture key interactions and share them quickly with a link dropped into an email or Slack message and automated call recording logs that send call summaries and meeting notes to your CRM.

Integrations include 8 x 8, Aircall, Bullhorn, Close, CloudCall, Cloudtalk, Copper, Dialpad, Dynamics 365, Google Meet, and Zoom. Jiminny offers over 25 out-of-the-box integrations.

Pricing One-Liner: From $85/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Easy to learn how to use
  • Sales teams enjoy using it
  • Customer support is willing to go the extra mile
  • Transcription errors during calls with poor connections
  • Limited ability to tag call types (cold call, proposal call, etc.)

4. - Best for enhancing meeting productivity with AI-generated summaries conversation intelligence software screenshot
With MeetGeek, you get an AI-generated follow-up after every video meeting or phone call.

MeetGeek is designed as an AI-powered meeting assistant to automatically record and transcribe every meeting. After the meeting is over, your AI assistant then summarizes the meeting and provides key points for review. This platform also utilizes text-to-speech technology, so administrators can review captured notes however works for them — by listening to or reading the call transcription.

Why I picked MeetGeek: I added this tool to my list because it’s designed to work a little differently than most conversation intelligence platforms. Instead of analyzing sales calls, you can use it as a meeting assistant to free your team from taking notes or recapping conversations. It starts automatically with every meeting and provides summaries in human-like language through NLP. Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include auto tagging for every point of concern and action item, link creation to share meeting notes and highlights, and a searchable repository to store every meeting recording and transcription.

Integrations include Aircall, Asana, ClickUp, Google Drive, HubSpot CRM, Notion, Pipedrive, RingCentral, Zapier, and Zoom.

Pricing One-Liner: From $15/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free plan available

  • Affordable plans for individuals and small businesses
  • Captions automatically included in videos
  • Meetbot is embedded into your preferred meeting tool
  • Limited analytics and sales functionality
  • Meetbot can be slow to arrive to a new meeting

5. Gong - Best for training your own AI

gong conversation intelligence software screenshot
Deal Intelligence from Gong allows you to drill down into every email conversation.

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that captures all customer interactions across every channel with conversation intelligence in multiple languages. You can use this platform to get more than just call and chat summaries. Gong provides critical insights, including customer pain points, outcomes, and next steps so you can improve win rates throughout your entire organization. 

Why I picked Gong: The thing that caught my eye about Gong was that they offer the first user-trainable AI. Customize your AI models to ensure they’re unique to your business with various factors, including your industry, company size, or geography. Gong also features over 40 AI models to help you experiment with the best configuration to get data-driven insights.

Gong Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include context tracking instead of keyword tracking to measure the success of strategic initiatives and AI-powered deal warnings and forecasting for more accurate predictions.

Integrations include, Cogism, Google Workspaces, HubSpot CRM, LeadiQ, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack, Snowflake, and Zoom.

Pricing One-Liner: Customized plans available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Easy to read the dashboard
  • High engagement from sales reps
  • Robust performance reporting and metrics tracking
  • Onboarding is mostly self-service
  • Pricing is a little high for smaller businesses

6. Clari Copilot - Best for timely actionable alerts from a proactive AI

clari copilot conversation intelligence software screenshot
Deal Central from Clari Copilot provides early warnings for any deals that are at risk.

Clari Copilot, formerly known as Wingman, is a conversation intelligence platform designed for both reps and managers. Using this solution, your team can compete more fiercely, close deals faster, and spot revenue leaks as they occur through searchable call recordings and transcriptions, as well as real-time monologue and battlecard alerts that improve performance.

Why I picked Clari Copilot: The feature that stands out the most to me from this platform is the proactive alert system. Instead of sifting through overwhelming amounts of data and listening to endless call recordings, Clari Copilot does the work for you and surfaces the data you need to know, including competitor mentions, potential blockers, and next steps that allow you to make smarter decisions in the moment.

Clari Copilot Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include RevGPT for conversational summaries, suggested actions, and next steps delivered to your Slack and winning behavior training with battlecards and monologue alerts that help reps navigate customer objections.

Integrations include 6sense, Crossbeam, Gainsight, Google Workspace, Groove, Highspot, HubSpot CRM, Reveal, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Spiff.

Pricing One-Liner: From $60/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: 7-day free trial available

  • Native integrations with tons of other apps
  • Visually engaging and easy to read dashboards
  • Very easy to set up and learn
  • Transcription accuracy could use some improvement
  • Room for improvement in understanding dialects

7. CallRail - Best for accurate sentiment analysis

callrail conversation intelligence software screenshot
CallRail delivers recordings and transcriptions side by side with highlights of important moments.

CallRail is a marketing analytics and communication software that’s designed to deliver real-time insights through conversation intelligence and other AI tools. You can use this platform to save at-risk customers, identify training and coaching opportunities, fine-tune marketing strategies, and make more data-driven decisions throughout the customer journey.

Why I picked CallRail: One feature that stood out to me from this platform is the sentiment analysis provided by the Premium Conversation Intelligence. Trained on over 650,000 hours of voice calls and data, this tool can provide an overall sentiment alongside the summary of the conversation and highlight calls that require additional action right away.

CallRail Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include real-time conversation insights to pinpoint calls and customers that require extra support and call scoring that qualifies leads and tags conversations so your reps know what to do next.

Integrations include ActiveCampaign, Adobe Analytics, AMP, Clio, Constant Contact, DashThis, Domo, Facebook, Google Analytics, and HubSpot CRM.

Pricing One-Liner: From $95/month + usage fees

Free Trial One-Liner: 14-day free trial available

  • The system is very easy to set up
  • Easily scalable for small and large organizations
  • Intuitive navigation and user interface
  • Two different mobile apps with unique functionalities
  • No “whisper” coaching feature available

8. Enthu.AI - Best for evaluation management that rates calls and gives feedback conversation intelligence software screenshot
Enthu.AI monitors critical call moments and highlights which were achieved and which were missed.

An artificial intelligence platform with a focus on speech analytics and conversation intelligence, Enthu.AI was built for call centers, contact centers, and BPOs. This software solution can enable professionals to monitor conversations more easily through automated QA in order to gain actionable intelligence and ensure compliance with all industry regulations.

Why I picked Enthu.AI: I added this platform to my list because it has exhaustive call QA features that make it easier to evaluate a call and get feedback. This tool can automatically listen and rate calls, provide feedback to individual team members, and share notes with supervisors for better training and visibility.

Enthu.AI Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include a dialogue view that presents transcriptions in easy-to-read chat format and call filtering by duration, date, agent, or call type that makes your call history database more easily searchable.

Integrations include AirCall, CallHippo, CallRail, CloudTalk,, Dialpad, FreshCaller, Five9, GoToConnect, and JustCall.

Pricing One-Liner: From $59/user/month for up to 20 agents

Free Trial One-Liner: Free plan available

  • Quick and easy native integrations
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Simple to learn and use
  • Multi-language translation engine could use improvement
  • Limited customization capabilities in reporting

9. - Best for identifying and resolving human performance problems conversation intelligence software screenshot offers guided selling in real-time directly on Salesforce and other CRMs.

This cloud-based sales engagement solution was designed to help Salesforce users identify revenue channels, manage leads, and analyze performance. With the addition of conversation intelligence, you can use to identify and improve sales rep behavior to ensure more wins and deal closes through real-time recommendations and coaching.

Why I picked The thing I like about this platform is that it focuses on identifying major breakdowns in your team’s selling behavior, including knowing who to contact and when, how to have effective conversations, wasting time on follow-up emails, taking too long to ramp, and not engaging with new leads fast enough. offers specific tools to address each pain point. Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include automated post-conversation email follow-ups written by generative AI and AI sales coaching that helps you scale training with fewer managers.

Integrations include D&B, Five9, Gmail, Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Nylas, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Twilio, and Zoom.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free trial available

  • Extremely easy to customize and configure
  • Quick to implement
  • Editing workflow on the fly is simple
  • Dashboard needs some work
  • Canned reports are not customizable

10. Grain - Best for providing AI recording and tools for more than just sales teams

grain conversation intelligence software screenshot
Grain allows you to record, transcribe, and highlight meetings to share the most important elements with your team.

As an AI meeting recording software, Grain focuses on helping every one of your teams have more efficient meetings and follow-ups. This platform can connect with any video conference calling platform to automate record-keeping, note-taking, and insight capture for in-house meetings and client conversations.

Why I picked Grain: This platform snagged a spot on my list due to its accessibility to everyone. While your sales team can use Grain during customer calls, it’s also an essential tool for helping streamline product development, customer success, and user research workflows through automation and AI tools.

Grain Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include meeting recording that highlights all the key moments from the video call and native integrations with communication apps that make it easier to share clips from calls.

Integrations include Asana, HubSpot, Notion, Productboard, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack, and Zapier.

Pricing One-Liner: From $15/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free plan available

  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Consistently adding new features
  • Free plan offers very limited features
  • Limited filtering while searching calls

11. Fathom - Best for comprehensive tracking of business performance

fathom conversation intelligence software screenshot
Fathom offers enhanced visualization tools to help you more easily read reports.

Fathom was built to be much more than a conversation intelligence platform, as it focuses on financial analysis and reporting. With Fathom, you can monitor trends, identify opportunities for growth, and assess overall business performance by importing data directly from your other apps.

Why I picked Fathom: Even though it doesn’t focus exclusively on conversation intelligence, Fathom made my list because it has robust analytics and alerts for every aspect of your organization. Use the KPI builder to customize metrics for your team and set up AI-driven alerts to notify your reps and managers of missed opportunities and achievements.

Fathom Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include tracking for non-financial KPIs that you can monitor along financial metrics and analytics for any time period with custom metric comparisons.

Integrations include blogtastic, Infoset, Loom, MYOB Business, Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Yodek, and Zoom.

Pricing One-Liner: From $59/month

Free Trial One-Liner: 14-day free trial available

  • Automated call recording that reminds and notifies you it’s there
  • Automates note-taking and sharing post meeting
  • Financial tools with conversation intelligence
  • Heavy focus on financial analysis
  • Hard to customize

12. Chorus by ZoomInfo - Best for leveraging proprietary machine learning

chorus by zoominfo conversation intelligence software screenshot
Chorus offers a feature called Momentum Insights that shows you important signals from your call.

As a leader in conversation intelligence, Chorus is an essential part of ZoomInfo’s go-to-market software. This software solution can help your revenue teams identify and replicate the behaviors of top selling sales reps by analyzing every call, email, and message. You can use the insights from the analysis to create an effective coaching strategy for every customer-facing team.

Why I picked Chorus: I added this tool to my list because it's backed by 14 technology patents that focus on machine learning. Using these machine learning tools, you can create an atmosphere that encourages up leveling of team skills, reduces ramp time for new hires, and drives methodology adherence.

Chorus Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include a central repository with instant access to transcriptions and insights, as well as automatic capture and sync of new contacts to your CRM.

Integrations include Aircall, BlueJeans Meeting, Five9, Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack, Spinify, Webex, and Zoom.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Simple to learn how to use once configured
  • Customizable privacy and permissions
  • Pleasant user interface
  • Clunky integration with Zoom
  • Navigation requires some training

Other Options

Even though my list of conversation intelligence software is already pretty comprehensive, I couldn't complete this blog without a few additional callouts. Check out these runners up to discover a few other options that could be the right fit:

  1. Sybill - Best for pushing recorded sales conversations to Slack and CRMs automatically for even more visibility
  2. Salesken - Best for creating winning sales playbooks by analyzing conversations across 14 different dimensions
  3. Salesloft - Best AI-powered workflow revenue platform to guide your go-to-market team in the right direction
  4. Allego - Best for helping you replicate the actions and conversations of your best-performing team members
  5. Avoma - Best for generating snippets, playlists, and comments based on specific keywords or topics
  6. HubSpot Sales Hub - Best for unlocking coaching opportunities using AI-driven conversation analytics
  7. Balto - Best for real-time guidance that shows agents what to say and measures what's working and what's not
  8. Abstrakt Software - Best for AI-driven call scoring, as well as feedback forms for your representatives

Selection Criteria For Conversation Intelligence Software 

Here’s a short summary of the main selection and evaluation criteria I used to develop my list of the best conversation intelligence software for this article:

Core Functionality

The core functionality of quality conversation intelligence software must include three basic utilities:

  • Recording functionality
  • Metrics measuring
  • Analytics and recommendations

Key Features

All the tools on my list can deliver the functionalities listed above with a variety of key features. While some features may have unique names for branding purposes, they deliver the same performance as the features listed below:

  • Voice recording: Your conversation intelligence platform should be able to record conversations between clients and salespeople that are clear and easy to hear.
  • Transcription: All conversations with customers should also be accurately transcribed with minimal errors allowing for accents, mispronunciation, and voice volume.
  • Searchable recording database: Your conversation intelligence platform should store recordings and transcriptions in a searchable database for later review and coaching.
  • Conversational statistics: An important aspect of sales call best practices, this feature will provide you with information about customer interactivity, call duration, and talk ratios.
  • Recommendations: While many people consider this feature an auxiliary tool, AI-driven recommendations are essential for next-step guidance, real-time coaching, and training.
  • Theme and keyword identification: Whether you need a searchable database or you want examples for training, your conversation intelligence should be able to identify keywords and themes during sales calls to more accurately organize call history.
  • Behavioral analysis: Your conversation intelligence software should be able to identify key moments in every call to determine whether a customer is receptive to your sales strategy to identify at-risk deals.


Every new tool in your digital tech stack means additional training for your team and potentially overhauling your workflow. I designed this list with these two burdens in mind to ensure that integrating new platforms and tools was as easy and simple as possible. Many of these tools have a low barrier for entry and robust customer support teams for advanced assistance. 

Software Integrations

Your conversation intelligence software will most likely need to integrate with your telephony platform, as well as your CRM and internal communication tools. While some platforms offer all-in-one solutions with conversation intelligence as a CRM add-on, other tools are standalone and have a plethora of native Integrations and open API options. I've specified the most popular integrations for each platform above.


Because there are so many useful features in addition to the basics I’ve listed above, you’ll find quite a range in pricing for conversation intelligence tools. Complicating the situation even more are those platforms that are primarily CRM or sales enablement-focused that have a CI add-on. 

While there are free tools you can use to test this enhancement for your workflow, you can also expect tools that cost as little as $15/user/month or as much as $100/user/month. Some platforms also offer custom quotes that are built to meet your specific needs.

People Also Ask

Looking for even more information about conversational AI before making a final decision? Explore some answers to the most frequently asked questions to gain a more comprehensive understanding of these tools.

Other Revenue Operations Software

Even if you already have a conversation intelligence software, there could be something else missing from your tech stack. Check out a few other revenue operations essentials that could round out your digital tools:

Next Steps

Many of these platforms offer free trials and demos so you can ensure a more comprehensive understanding of their performance. I would recommend narrowing your list to the top two or three and testing them out to see which ones integrate into your current workflow, excite your sales managers, and deliver what you need.

And if you’re on the hunt for more key insights from industry leaders, subscribe to the RevOps newsletter for weekly updates directly to your inbox.

By Phil Gray

Philip Gray is the COO of Black and White Zebra, a digital publishing and tech company. He hails from rainy Glasgow, Scotland transplanted in not quite as rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada. With 10+ years of experience in leadership and operations in industries that include biotechnology, healthcare, logistics, and SaaS, he applies a considerable broad scope of experience in business that lets him see the big picture. His love for data and all things revenue operations landed him this role as resident big brain for the RevOpsTeam.

A business renaissance man with his hands in many departmental pies, he is an advocate of centralized data management, holistic planning, and process automation. An unapologetic buzzword apologist, you can often find him double clicking, drilling down, and unpacking all the things.

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