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10 Best Auto Dialer Software In 2023

As the world of technology evolves, your customers and clients will have high expectations and want quick answers, short call times, and fast resolutions to their concerns. Instead of manually tracking customer data and calls, consider finding the best auto dialer software to help you. Explore our roundup of the top options to discover solutions that work for your business.

If you have general questions about how auto dialer software works or how to pick the best option for your organization, take a look at my People Also Ask section below. Or, if you’re curious how I prepared this list, see How I Selected the Best Auto Dialer Software below.

Best Auto Dialer Software Shortlist 

Here’s the shortlist of the best auto dialer software tools that I’ll cover in this article, with detailed summaries below.

  1. CloudTalk - Best for small and medium businesses with global sales teams
  2. JustCall - Best for customer-facing teams that need to work at scale
  3. Orum - Best for blending personalized contact with AI and automation
  4. Talkdesk - Best predictive dialer for proactive and personalized engagement
  5. NICE CXone - Best for patented predictive dialing that eliminates long pauses before agent pickup
  6. Genesys Cloud CX - Best for avoiding compliance errors on outbound and inbound calls
  7. CallTools - Best for an advanced and easy to use predictive dialer
  8. Five9 - Best for blended contact center offerings with all types of auto dialers
  9. ReadyMode - Best for cloud-native predictive dialing technology
  10. PhoneBurner - Best for driving up to four times more conversions

Overviews of the 10 Best Auto Dialer Software

Here’s a brief description of each auto dialer software that showcases each vendor’s best use case, their noteworthy features, and some pros and cons. I’ve also included screenshots to give you a snapshot of their user interface too. 

1. CloudTalk - Best for small and medium businesses with global sales teams

cloudtalk auto dialer software screenshot
CloudTalk offers a power dialer with local numbers in over 160 countries.

As a user-centered phone system with advanced outbound calling support, CloudTalk has more than 70 features that are accessible over the browser, as well as desktop apps, including international numbers, automated call distribution, and interactive voice response.

With automation for outbound dialing, manual dialing becomes a thing of the past. The software allows users to compile their own database and filter target groups based on demographics and other relevant criteria. If a dialed number is unavailable, the power dialer will move on until it connects to a live person, routing them to an agent for the rest of the call.

The CloudTalk VoIP suite is designed to assist customer support and sales teams in startups and SMEs in ecommerce industries. Some of their most common verticals also include IT services, financial services, healthcare, and travel and hospitality.

CloudTalk Standout Features and Integrations

Features include international numbers, call recording, call statistics, multi-campaign dialing, call scripting, blacklisting, call monitoring, three-way calling, MMS, and inbound calls and messages.

Integrations include ActiveCampaign, Copper, HubSpot, Kommo CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, noCRM, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, and Zoho CRM. They offer helpdesk, ecommerce, sales automation, business intelligence, and CRM integrations.

Price: From $25/user/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial available

  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Personalized onboarding and support
  • Missing some SMS functionality
  • Some auto-generated local numbers aren’t valid

2. JustCall - Best for customer-facing teams that need to work at scale

justcall auto dialer software screenshot
JustCall and Pipedrive integration that allows calling from the Pipedrive app.

This tool for outbound call centers offers both an auto dialer and automated SMS features to empower sales teams with intelligent, cloud-based tools and functionality for limitless scalability and increased efficiency.

JustCall enhances workflow automation with bulk SMS and robust bots for outreach campaigns. Users can create and schedule SMS campaigns with just a few clicks and bots can respond to incoming messages. Once you have enough customer data, you can start auto dialer campaigns with more context to enhance agent responsiveness during phone calls.

This auto dialer and outbound call center platform is designed for small and medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, education, real estate, and ecommerce. 

JustCall Standout Features and Integrations

Features include appointment scheduler, call monitoring, virtual call center, office hours, predictive dialer, bulk SMS/MMS, call recording, international phone numbers in 70 countries, analytics, call queues, forward to phone, SMS bot, and caller ID.

Integrations include Copper, Dynamics, Freshdesk, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, Zendesk, and Zoho CRM.

Price: From $30/user/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial available

  • All-in-one call center
  • Very responsive customer support
  • User-friendly interface
  • No photo or link attachments in SMS
  • Some numbers require manual dialing

3. Orum - Best for blending personalized contact with AI and automation

orum auto dialer software screenshot
Orum leverages AI to improve call activity and customer support.

As a dialer solution, Orum focuses on helping businesses connect with their customers through AI automations and high quality audio. 

One of Orum’s unique features is that you can control the dialing speed of the auto-dialer by calling a single number at a time or multiple numbers at the same time. Users have the freedom to control how quickly they want to get in touch with leads, customers, and clients. The auto dialer feature also has an answering machine detection function that allows users to jump in and leave a personalized voicemail instead of an automated message.

Orum provides a variety of solutions for businesses of nearly every size, including single-person operations and large organizations. They have tiered pricing that culminates in enterprise-grade services designed for either sales reps or managers.

Orum Standout Features and Integrations

Features include unlimited calls and dialing, voicemail drop, live call listen, call dispositions, reporting, collaboration tools for sales teams, and dialing modes. Modes include preview dialing, progressive dialing, and predictive dialer.

Integrations include Gong, HubSpot, Outreach, Salesforce, and SalesLoft. Orum primarily focuses on CRM integrations.

Price: Pricing is available upon request

Free Trial: Free trial available

  • Extremely quick setup
  • Effortless user interface
  • Customize and filter lead data
  • No customer data during auto dialing
  • Sometimes generates spam phone numbers

4. Talkdesk - Best predictive dialer for proactive and personalized engagement

talkdesk auto dialer software screenshot
Talkdesk allows users to customize campaigns with dialing mode and call list specifications.

As a browser-based call center solution, Talkdesk delivers tools that help businesses around the world build stronger connections to improve the customer experience, including predictive dialing that can increase user outbound calls by up to 300%, contact list management, and automated event-triggered SMS notifications that anticipate customer needs.

Talkdesk is designed to improve agent productivity through intelligent pacing of outbound call volume, based on your agent capacity. The autodialer can also filter out any unproductive calls, like those that go to voicemail, busy signals, and no answers, so that sales teams can enjoy more efficiency and less time idling.

They can support businesses of all sizes and have targeted plans for a variety of industries, including transportation and hospitality, communications and media, financial services and insurance, and government and education.

Talkdesk Standout Features and Integrations

Features include IVR engagement, studio and routing, real-time dashboards, knowledge management, AI trainer, virtual agent, lead management, recorded messages, agent assist, and workspace designer.

Integrations include BigCommerce, Contactually, Dynamics 365, Freshdesk, Front, Google, HelpScout, Highrise, Intercom, and Zoho.

Price: From $75/user/month

Free Trial: No free plan or demo

  • All-in-one telephony solution
  • Very user friendly
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Can’t get just the auto-dialer
  • High price for all-inclusive access

5. NICE CXone - Best for patented predictive dialing that eliminates long pauses before agent pickup

nice cxone auto dialer software screenshot
NICE CXone has a simple dashboard that shows users all the data they need in one place.

NICE CXone is an omnichannel CRM with auto dialer features that strive to streamline customer interactions from the first time they pick up the phone. With a predictive dialer and a series of related tools like automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, and interaction channel, users have all the features they need to connect agents with customers.

The NICE CXone Personal Connection feature is a patented predictive dialer designed to reduce hang-ups and generate more revenue. It allows for more outgoing calls every day that uses lead data to reach the right customers at the right time. The predictive auto dialer also comes with a voice recognition feature to eliminate long pauses before an available agent picks up the phone.

NICE CXone is a platform for businesses of all sizes with solutions for healthcare, business process outsourcers, financial services, government, retail, education, telecommunications, and collections. Users can shop by business goal with solutions that target specific needs, like customer loyalty, increased sales, agent retention, compliance adherence, and fraud prevention.

NICE CXone Standout Features and Integrations

Features include automatic callback, predictive dialing, progressive dialer, automatic call distribution (ACD), digital and voice channels, chat and messaging, do not call (DNC) compliance, and conferencing. 

Integrations include Bullhorn, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Netsuite, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sugar CRM, RingCentral UC Tools, and Zendesk.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: Free trial available

  • Training and onboarding support team
  • No delay time between pick and connection
  • Customized reporting options
  • Limited forecasting for email and chat
  • Prebuilt reporting templates don’t offer enough data

6. Genesys Cloud CX - Best for avoiding compliance errors on outbound and inbound calls

genesys cloud cx auto dialer software screenshot
Genesys Cloud CX has a support center to help guide you through setup and everyday concerns.

This contact center solution is a cloud-based platform that offers automated and self-service features to simplify digital and voice campaigns, compliance, and notifications. 

With Genesys Cloud CX, users get a full-featured call center with streamlined compliance that evolves with regulations and business policies to ensure all certifications are up to date for any industry. Users can also utilize role-based admin tools to create, deploy, and audit campaigns for more oversight and control.

Genesys Cloud CX provides solutions for small, medium, and large businesses across various industries, including targeted solutions for retail, financial services, healthcare, and government. With several tiered plans, businesses can choose the options that work best for their needs.

Genesys Cloud CX Standout Features and Integrations

Features include outbound sales channels, inbound call support, cloud telephony, unified communications, automatic call distribution, workforce engagement management, AI and automation, interactive voice response, and self-service.

Integrations include, Google Workspace, Jenkins, Livepro, Microsoft Azure, Nextiva, Salesforce Service Cloud, Shelf, Qualtrics CoreXM, and Zendesk Suite.

Price: From $75/month

Free Trial: Free trial available

  • Extensive real-time insights
  • Rare downtime for updates
  • Easy to use
  • Slight latency in real-time displays
  • Not PCI compliant

7. CallTools - Best for an advanced and easy to use predictive dialer

calltools auto dialer software screenshot
CallTools has a dashboard with quick updates, built-in web phone, and inbound call queues.

The predictive dialer tool from CallTools is built by business owners for business owners. With over 12 years of experience in call centers, CallTools claims they can boost productivity by 500% using predictive and preview dialers.

The standout feature for this predictive auto dialer is that it’s extremely quick to set up. Once you sign up, CallTools just requires that you upload your contacts and customize your settings before you start dialing. They offer businesses the chance to scale their enterprise in 24 hours with unlimited minutes and no commitment.

This platform supports sales and telemarketing, healthcare providers, solar energy companies, real estate, financial services, and collections. They also offer solutions for SMBs and enterprise organizations.

CallTools Standout Features and Integrations

Features include intelligent dialing algorithms, contact targeting, call suppression,call options, automated call transfers, voicemail recognition, preview dialer, CRM tools, SMS and email channels, ring timer, and abandoned call routing.

Integrations include ActiveProspect, Balto, BlackBook, Blue Ink Digital,, ClickFunnels, DebtPayPro, Follow Up Boss, Forefront CRM, and Gmail. They also offer Zapier to power over 3,000 integrations.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: No free trial available

  • Very quick implementation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Great customer support
  • Cannot send Zoom call recordings to email
  • Webinar training isn’t comprehensive

8. Five9 - Best for blended contact center offerings with all types of auto dialers

five9 auto dialer software screenshot
Five9 has a robust dashboard with comprehensive performance metrics.

This contact and call center solution is a cloud-based system with omnichannel tools for both inbound and outbound call management.

Whether it’s cold calling or sales follow-ups, Five9 delivers higher agent efficiency through several types of auto dialers, including predictive, power, progressive, and preview options. Each type of calling option delivers targeted support to match your workflow, campaign, or business size.

Five9 offers business phone solutions by industry, company size, and role. Find phone services based on your industry, including Covid 19, healthcare, retail, financial services, higher education, or telemarketing. Or, address your needs by role, such as supervisor, agent, or business strategy. Five9 supports small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses.

Five9 Standout Features and Integrations

Features include agent desktop, global voice, supervisor desktop, engagement workflow, artificial intelligence, intelligent virtual agent, agent assist, workflow automation, reporting and analytics, and all dialer options.

Integrations include Microsoft, Microsoft Teams, Oracle, RingCentral, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Zoom Phone. Five9 also supports using APIs and SDKs.

Price: Pricing available upon request. Five9 operates based on monthly license fees per agent, volume, and feature selection.

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Straightforward user interface
  • Lots of report customization
  • Comprehensive online training
  • Loading agent recordings is slow
  • Canned reports can be confusing

9. ReadyMode - Best for cloud-native predictive dialing technology

readymode auto dialer software screenshot
ReadyMode offers custom fields and an overlaid, built-in web phone.

ReadyMode, formerly Xencall, offers an enterprise-grade predictive dialer with a number of comprehensive features, including faster dialing speeds, a powerful CRM, and advanced inbound queue strategies.

In addition to predictive dialing, ReadyMode also offers a prioritization feature that ensures your agents and AI know who to call and when. With dialing lists and queues based on skill level and lead importance, following up on leads and closing on deals is a lot more organized and convenient.

ReadyMode supports organizations of all sizes, including single-operation freelancers and small startup companies. Some of the most common industries they service include healthcare and insurance, solar energy, call centers, and tourism. They also offer personalized training during onboarding and a comprehensive support team available at any time.

ReadyMode Standout Features and Integrations

Features include predictive dialer, lead management, CRM tools, reporting and insights, dynamic scripts, call recordings, compliance, security, dial list prioritization, speed configuration, and do not call lists.

Integrations include ActiveCampaign, ClickSend, Google Maps, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Sherpa, Zapier, Zillow, and Zoho. ReadyMode accepts integration suggestions and responds to requests within 3-5 days.

Price: From $125/license/month, billed annually.

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Can request new integrations
  • Very quick to set up
  • Great support team
  • Limited user visibility for managers
  • Dated user interface

10. PhoneBurner - Best for driving up to four times more conversions

phoneburner auto dialer software screenshot
PhoneBurner with HubSpot integration allows you to dial over 60 numbers per hour.

As a power dialer and sales acceleration platform, PhoneBurner claims that their software can increase productivity, leads, and sales by up to 400% with their automations, remote dialing capabilities, and lead distributions.

The PhoneBurner power dialer supports dialing between 60-80 contacts per hour with no connection delays to ensure fewer hangups, spam alerts, or awkward pauses. This platform also automatically tracks performance to keep managers informed and allow agents to gain more visibility for future opportunities.

PhoneBurner supports solutions for freelancers, SMBs, mid-level organizations, and enterprise-grade businesses. However, PhoneBurner works best if you already have a high quality call list. It’s not ideal for cold calling or auto dialing unverified leads.

PhoneBurner Standout Features and Integrations

Features include branded caller ID, power dialer, cadence, CRM tools, call deliverability, workflow automation, reporting, virtual phone service, remote dialing, smart lead distribution, and collaborative onboarding.

Integrations include Airtable,, HubSpot, Pipeline, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zapier, Zoho CRM, and Zoom.

Price: From $149/user/month

Free Trial: Free trial available

  • Guided onboarding support
  • Easy to navigate
  • Quickest non-auto dialer available
  • No call list segmentation
  • Need a quality call list

Other Options

Here are a few more worthwhile options that didn’t make the best auto dialer software list:

  • Aloware - Best global all-in-one turnkey software for call center teams
  • LiveVox - Best cloud-based contact center platform for small and medium businesses
  • One Call Now - Best for launching large-scale notifications to any device
  • Ozonetel CloudAgent - Best platform with simultaneous chat and voice communication
  • NobelBiz OMNI+ - Best for heavy, call-center-specific traffic from a cloud-based platform
  • ZoomInfo SalesOS - Best call center software for lead generation and buyer intent data
  • Koncert - Best B2B contact center software for personalization at scale
  • VCC Live - Best software for switching between communication channels for businesses with more than 10 operators

How I Selected the Best Auto Dialer Software

Are you wondering how I chose the best auto dialer software for this list? I started the process with a massive list of call center software options with high user ratings. With this list in hand, I used a variety of selection criteria to help me compare them one to the other, including pricing and usability.

After narrowing the list down a little bit, I used my years of experience in revenue operations and customer support to pinpoint those features that added the most value. Learn more about my selection criteria below.

Selection Criteria

Here’s a short summary of the main selection and evaluation criteria I used to develop my list of the best auto dialer software for this article.


Even with the most advanced features and functionality, if the interface of your auto dialer software isn’t user-friendly, it’s useless. When I created this list, I paid special attention to the user interface to ensure it was intuitive and had a low barrier for entry so businesses can train their team on it as quickly as possible.

Standout Features

While an auto dialer is typically one of the features of CRM software instead of a standalone option, there is some variation from one to the next, especially when the auto dialer is part of an all-in-one help desk or customer support tool. I looked for those CRMs and auto dialers that offered the best features to support your business needs.

Software Integrations 

Depending on your customer support or sales process, you’ll likely have a variety of digital tools that need to communicate and sync. One of the most important features of these tools is that they have built-in integrations for one another. You’ll find that most of the software options on this list integrate with a massive selection of other software.


There’s going to be a lot of variation in pricing when it comes to auto-dialer tools — mostly based on business size or number of seats. I chose some software options for small businesses, as well as scaling organizations and those that are already at an enterprise level, to ensure there were options for every type of business.

People Also Ask

While this list has a plenty of information to teach you about auto dialers and the best CRMs for small businesses and large organizations, you might still have some questions. Check out this FAQ for some of the answers you need.

Making the Right Choice

With all this information on the top auto dialer software options, you can find the right tool for your use case. And if you’re looking for even more digital and data-driven tools to enhance your business, The RevOps Team can help. Subscribe to the newsletter for the most up-to-date insights or explore the blog for more reading material about managing clients and customers, including:

Share this article with other business leaders or leave a comment to let me know what you think about the tools on this list.

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