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10 Best Sales Training Software In 2023

Best Sales Training Software Shortlist 

After evaluating their suitability as sales training software, here are the tools that made my final list.

  1. Continu - Best for deep integrations with your current tech stack
  2. Wonderway - Best for training suggestions based on your employee skills
  3. SmartWinnr -  Best for sales team engagement through gamification
  4. Lessonly by Seismic - Best for improving lessons based on learner engagement and feedback
  5. Mindtickle - Best for data-driven sales readiness to close deals
  6. Trainual - Best sales training program with pre-built learning templates
  7. Second Nature AI - Best for AI-driven training sessions and coaching
  8. 360Learning - Best for building a culture of collaborative learning
  9. SalesHood - Best for improving team productivity and engagement for large organizations
  10. Allego - Best for collaborating virtually across time zones

We all know that onboarding new team members and enhancing skills for existing staff is an ongoing task that can be streamlined with a digital tool specifically tailored to your organization. So here, you’ll find my evaluation of the top tools available, standout features that caught my eye, a screenshot of the inner workings of each tool, and a few pros and cons.

You’ll also find that I included some brief introductory pricing to help you assess whether the features, functionalities, and integrations match the price tag.

What Is Sales Training Software?

Sales training software is a tool that formalizes, manages, tracks, and automates your existing training curriculum. You can write your own topics and lessons or use templates for onboarding new staff or training your sales team on something new, including overcoming buyer objections, learning how to use your integrated CRM software, and anything else that’s specific to your organization’s operations.

Overviews Of The 10 Best Sales Training Software

Now it’s time to dive into my assessment of each sales training software and what I think it does best. I've included pricing and a screenshot to help you pick the right fit.

1. Continu - Best for deep integrations with your current tech stack

continu sales training software screenshot
Continu makes your team profiles searchable to find people and their skill sets.

As a modern LMS, Continu is designed for a digital workspace that uses a lot of software tools to streamline their workflow. You can integrate with anything your business already uses to create modules, share courses, connect with team members, and measure training success in one single platform.

Why I picked Continu: I picked this platform because of the way it integrates with the other digital tools in your workflow. You can create training with imported wikis and articles, embedded rich media, and uploaded reference documents, as well as share and distribute new materials from the platform in third-party communication tools, like Slack and Teams.

There are even Zoom integrations to unlock remote learning and exportable reports to track learner metrics.

Continu Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include customer training courses to engage with buyers and provide them more added value services, partner training courses to ensure all your collaborators are on the same page, and compliance training for industry-specific updates on government and field regulations.

Integrations include Box, CreateOne, Go1, Google Meet, LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Teams, OpenSesame, Slack, Vimeo, and Zoom.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Simple, easy tool navigation
  • Very user-friendly for creators and learners
  • Integration-focused application
  • Not as responsive to mobile devices
  • Limited search functionality for knowledge base

2. Wonderway - Best for training suggestions based on your employee skills

wonderway sales training software screenshot
Wonderway offers training suggestions based on employee skill gaps.

This tool is a data-based software package that’s designed for training personnel at a tech-related company. Wonderway offers specific knowledge level and skill improvements, provides guidance for filling skill gaps based on tracked employee knowledge, and facilitates knowledge certification.

Why I picked Wonderway: One of the reasons why Wonderway deserves a spot on this list is their sales intelligence tool, which helps you find problems in your training process and shows you the best way to fix them. You can target reps individually to improve their weaknesses or enhance your training process as a whole.

Wonderway Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include a variety of assessment types to provide a comprehensive look into your team’s standings with scorecards, pitch practice, shadowing, and demo recordings, as well as a basic array of tools that don’t incur extra fees, like CRM integrations, multi-language support, full GDPR compliance, team management, and a sales enablement consultant.

Integrations include HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, and Salesforce.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • UI/UX works great for creators and learners
  • Onboarding only takes about a week
  • Easy to follow module creation process
  • Not supported on mobile devices, Android or iOS
  • Limited milestones and gamification features

3. SmartWinnr  - Best for sales team engagement through gamification

smartwinnr sales training software screenshot
SmartWinnr is accessible by phone and showcases leaderboards, competition winners, and contest progress.

This web-based sales training software is designed to guarantee uniform messaging while interacting with customers, keeping your sales team up to date about product knowledge, and enhancing sales through better engagement and training.

Why I picked SmartWinnr: I like the SmartWinnr platform because it leverages gamification to drive engagement and sales performance among your team. You can customize competitions, assignments, and leaderboards with rewards and recognition to keep everyone on track and on task.

SmartWinnr Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include AI-driven reinforcement and quizzes to drive and verify employee knowledge, gamified KPI tracking to boost engagement and sales, and continuous coaching that streamlines and improves customer interactions.

Integrations include HubSpot CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Very responsive customer service team
  • Multi-lingual support and functionality
  • Flexible and dynamic user adjustment
  • Limited search functionality for the internal ticket system
  • Limited mobile device functionality

4. Lessonly by Seismic - Best for improving lessons based on learner engagement and feedback

lessonly sales training software screenshot
Lessonly helps you track insights for training by learner engagement, satisfaction, and activity.

A learning management software that focuses on reinforcing best practices, Lessonly offers easy-to-use lesson creation, insights for metrics tracking, and coaching to provide personalized feedback and feedback at scale. They claim to be able to cut onboarding time in half.

Why I picked Lessonly: One of the main reasons I chose Lessonly is for their insights tool. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can track each user individually to see their engagement and satisfaction with the learning experience. Learners can give feedback and provide suggestions for improving lessons.

Lessonly Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include holistic coaching that scales and tailors plans to each individual, as well as a sales manager dashboard that provides readiness scorecards for each sales rep and measures the impact of training on win rates. 

Integrations include Adobe Experience Manager, Azure Blob, BambooHR, Bynder, Chorus, Digizuite, Dynamics, Facebook, GoCo, and Google Drive. Lessonly has over 90 integrations. 

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Massive integration library for native apps
  • Powerful feedback and insight tools
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Limited customization for the interface
  • Limited filters for lesson history stifle reviews

5. Mindtickle - Best for data-driven sales readiness to close deals

mindtickle sales training software screenshot
Mindtickle provides coaching rooms that help salespeople make better decisions based on past data.

The Mindtickle learning platform helps you create, manage, and track training courses for your salespeople to provide enhanced analytics that inform your sales coaching and engagement tactics. Mindtickle also offers tools that show a rep’s learning progress, areas that need improvement, and content interactions.

Why I picked Mindtickle: Mindtickle makes the list because of its comprehensive focus on data. This platform has a variety of analytics tools that help you better understand both your ideal customer and ideal sales rep to ensure you’re building effective sales training templates and improving your team’s selling skills.

Mindtickle Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include conversation intelligence tools that help managers better understand field performance during customer interactions, digital sales rooms for collaborating with teams on mutual action plans, and a readiness index that identifies when new hires fulfill your ideal sales rep persona.

Integrations include Aircall, BambooHR, Cognota, Go1, Khan Academy, Mediafly, Seismic, Slack, Slideshare, and YouTube. Some integrations are offered through the Mindtickle platform, while others are through an OEM-sourced third-party iPaaS.

Pricing One-Liner: From $15/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • A very thorough set of features
  • Flexible and customizable settings
  • Clean and user-friendly format
  • Interface can be a little slow
  • Uploading bulk content is very slow

6. Trainual - Best sales training program with pre-built learning templates

trainual sales training software screenshot
Trainual offers templates for case studies, customer personas, and candidate screening training modules.

This online training content is an app that strives to make it easier to build training manuals for every aspect of your organization, including salespeople, customers, interns, contractors, and partners. You can use this tool to organize operational knowledge, standardize operating procedures, create scalable, repeatable processes, and assign sales courses with built-in accountability.

Why I picked Trainual: I’ve included Trainual’s online courses on this list because of their massive library of free templates. You can build a new course on-demand, based on templates for categories like processes, policies, people, and company to save time when authoring new training protocols for the real world.

Trainual Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include built-in AI capabilities that can write training content for you; collection-based organization for departments, teams, and locations; and plenty of support with guides and podcasts, as well as assistance from a robust community of certified consultants.

Integrations include Asana, Basecamp, DropBox Business, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Rippling, Salesforce, Slack, and WordPress. Trainual connects with Zapier for over 1,000 integrations.

Pricing One-LineFrom $124/month/10 seats

Free Trial One-Liner: 7-day free trial available

  • AI-assisted course and lesson writing
  • Easy to search course history
  • Personalized dashboard for sales representatives
  • Frequent updates to admin navigation
  • Formatting in course creation can be complex

7. Second Nature AI - Best for AI-driven training sessions and coaching

secondnatureai sales training software screenshot
Second Nature AI allows you to have a practice pitch conversation with their AI for coaching.

Second Nature AI is an intelligence-driven sales coaching software that focuses on helping you scale up your coaching through a virtual conversation partner that can review materials, provide personalized feedback, engage with the entire team, and welcome new reps with an onboarding experience.

Why I picked Second Nature AI: The main reason I chose this platform was due to their role-play sales call capabilities. This feature allows a virtual discussion with the AI (Jenny) that scores a rep’s sales strategy and techniques. The self-paced learning management system results in better sales pitches from every rep.

Second Nature AI Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include gamification features that provide custom challenges and interactive training experiences, personalized AI evaluations for a more enjoyable sales certification process, and various AI simulation trainings that put your reps through their paces for video calls, slideshow presentations, and pitch recordings.

Integrations include Google Analytics, Gmail, HotJar, HubSpot, MessageMedia, MixPanel, Rent Manager, Salesforce, SiteManager, and Zoom Info.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Integrates and enhances other LMS
  • Provides realistic conversations through AI
  • Fast and easy to learn
  • AI can get a little repetitive
  • Scripting must be precise or AI will misunderstand

8. 360Learning - Best for building a culture of collaborative learning

360learning sales training software screenshot
360Learning allows you to create webinars and trainings with more guidance and support for learners.

This LMS is focused on collaborative learning to transform the way you train employees, partners, and customers. With 360Learning, you turn experts into collaborators with shareable authoring tools and instructor-led sessions. Leverage AI tools, course templates, and cheat sheets to create courses faster.

Why I picked 360Learning: I like 360Learning because of the various tools they offer to speed up course creation. In addition to templates and easy file imports, they also offer a cheat sheet tool that liberates authors from editing text and images themselves. Your team can pull what they need from anywhere on the web to create immersive, interesting courses.

360Learning Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include surveys to get valuable feedback from learners, groups for learner segmentation that provides more personalized instruction, and automated enrollment that tracks defined criteria like certificate expirations.

Integrations include Bamboo HR, Canva, Google Drive, GoTo Meeting, Loom, Microsoft Teams, Prezi, Salesforce, Slack, and Zoom Meetings.

Pricing One-Liner: From $8/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: 30-day free trial available

  • Easy to implement and learn for admins
  • Learner environment is user-friendly
  • Regular updates to improve responsiveness
  • Analytics data can be confusing to read
  • Limited report customization options

9. SalesHood - Best for improving team productivity and engagement for large organizations

saleshood sales training software screenshot
SalesHood offers easy to use content editing tools to launch new modules quickly.

As a cloud-based sales enablement and productivity platform, SalesHood targets team productivity and engagement through video storytelling, peer learning modules, training and coaching, content management, and automated buyer engagement. You can ensure your team is up to date on everything they need to know with continuous custom curriculums, quizzes, and role play exercises.

Why I picked SalesHood: This tool caught my eye because of their automated buyer engagement tools, which enhance team productivity. SalesHood can provide guidance with content recommendations, personalized content to share with buyers in digital sales rooms, and track content engagement and buyer sentiment to ensure your team is on the right track.

SalesHood Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include content management library where it’s easy to embed static and dynamic content, personalized learning experiences by role to train and certify team members at every level, and comprehensive reporting and analytics that measure sales performance.

Integrations include Box, Domo, DropBox Business, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, Okta, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Tableau.

Pricing One-Liner: From $50/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • All-in-one platform for enablement, training, and analytics
  • Very user-friendly dashboards and navigation
  • Comprehensive content management library
  • Some limitations on customization features
  • AI grading on pitches could use improvement

10. Allego - Best for collaborating virtually across time zones

allego sales training software screenshot
Allego is available on all devices, including tablets, phones, and laptops.

Allego is a sales enablement and learning platform that focuses on elevating sales performance by blending collaboration, learning, and content management in one application for better workflows and more accessible resources. Instead of traditional training, Allego considers what reps actually need to empower themselves through activated content, personalized coaching, and continuous improvement training.

Why I picked Allego: I think this platform can add value to your organization because of its virtual collaboration tools to enable more productivity and learning across any time zone. They can help you facilitate success for hybrid teams with asynchronous video communication, peer-to-peer learning, and virtual sharing even for critical updates. 

With these tools, you can extend collaboration beyond scheduled meetings, webinars, and in-person training for more comprehensive certifications and simulations.

Allego Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include customized training and coaching that fits into your existing workflow; convenient, personalized experiences to connect buyers and sellers; and enterprise learning for company-wide development.

Integrations include Chrome, DropBox Business, Gmail, GoTo Meetings, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Tableau, Twitter, and Webex.

Pricing One-Liner: From $1.00/feature

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Interactions with instructors through live presentations
  • Provides self-paced learner training modules
  • Intuitive learner navigation for courses 
  • No centralized knowledge base for module reviews
  • Limited survey and feedback tools

Other Options

While I created a pretty comprehensive shortlist of the top tools above, there are a few other options that may be worth checking out. Here is my brief assessment of what they can do for you.

  1. WorkRamp - Best all-in-one LMS for employee and customer learning
  2. Gradual - Best for replacing boring training with personalized microlearning
  3. LearnUpon LMS - Best for putting learners first for a personalized training experience
  4. Master-O - Best sales training software for frontline workforce readiness
  5. Bites - Best for industry specific training courses, including food, beverage, and retail
  6. TalentLMS - Best for building courses and lessons as quickly as possible
  7. Spekit - Best for learning how to use Salesforce with integration-specific topics
  8. Coassemble - Best sales training software for onboarding remote sales reps
  9. Zenarate AI Coach - Best online sales training through AI simulation courses
  10. Auzmor Learn - Best global LMS and training platform available in over 30 languages

Selection Criteria For Sales Training Software 

Here’s a short summary of the main selection and evaluation criteria I used to develop my list of the best sales training software for this article:

Core Functionality

The core functionalities of every sales training software should pretty much be the same. In addition to being easy to integrate into your workflow and simple to learn, they also need to provide these most basic functions:

  • Automated training
  • Lowered training costs
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Centralized learning
  • Easy access to learning materials

Key Features

To deliver these core functionalities, sales training programs should have a number of key features, including:

  • Course building tools: You need to be able to quickly build and customize courses and lessons that are fun and engaging for your team.
  • Quizzes and testing: Track and check that your team is completing and comprehending training sessions with quiz building tools.
  • Articles and wikis: You’re creating a central knowledge base that any sales professional can refer to when they need to refresh their knowledge.
  • Responsive design: Sales training courses should be accessible and completable from every device, allowing salespeople to train wherever they are.
  • Reporting tools: Track engagement and completion rates in real-time and get notifications when new trainees complete assignments.


Since these tools are for both sales managers and salespeople, the usability aspect needs to apply to all levels of your organization. I prioritized tools that made building and tracking courses easy, as well as those that focused on engaging staff and reinforcing their education. Your team should want to use these tools and enjoy the benefits of learning more about your company operations.

Software Integrations

I know you have a ton of other tools in your tech stack to ensure enhanced sales enablement and performance, so I chose training software that could connect with everything else in your workflow. Check out the most popular integrations listed in each tool overview to find out if yours are on the list.


Depending on what you need your sales training software to deliver, you could be looking at a yearly cost per person of as little as $500 or as much as $6,000. The cost of each software option will be customized based on the features you need, how many people require training per month, and the goal of your training software.

I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible with the pricing for each tool, but you’ll find that several of them only offer custom price tags.

People Also Ask

If you’re still trying to wrap your head around sales training software and how it might help your sales process, check out the frequently asked questions below.

Other Revenue Operations Software

Training your team shouldn’t feel like a chore, so here are a few articles to provide you with unique insights into this part of your operations. 

You’ll also find that we have comprehensive reviews of other essential sales tools, including:

Final Thoughts

I hope this overview of the best sales training software has provided you with comprehensive guidance for making the best choice. With solutions for organizations of every shape and size, I’m confident one of these will be the right fit. 

If you’re looking for additional insights into sales and revenue operations, sign up for our newsletter for weekly articles from our top experts.

By Phil Gray

Philip Gray is the COO of Black and White Zebra, a digital publishing and tech company. He hails from rainy Glasgow, Scotland transplanted in not quite as rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada. With 10+ years of experience in leadership and operations in industries that include biotechnology, healthcare, logistics, and SaaS, he applies a considerable broad scope of experience in business that lets him see the big picture. His love for data and all things revenue operations landed him this role as resident big brain for the RevOpsTeam.

A business renaissance man with his hands in many departmental pies, he is an advocate of centralized data management, holistic planning, and process automation. An unapologetic buzzword apologist, you can often find him double clicking, drilling down, and unpacking all the things.

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