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10 Best Sales Engagement Software In 2023

These days, there’s no need for disconnected, disorganized sales efforts. Sales engagement software is available to help your team automate your outreach and follow-ups, manage your contact data and activity history, and track your sales funnel. Some can even craft personalized messaging using artificial intelligence and create a virtual sales environment for managing client relationships.

I did all the research to round up the very best sales engagement software options available to help you crush your targets. Keep reading to learn more about these software solutions and what each one has to offer.

Best Sales Engagement Software Shortlist 

You’ll find more detailed summaries below, but here’s my best sales engagement software tools shortlist:

  1. Groove - Best native Salesforce integration
  2. - Best modular sales engagement platform
  3. Upscale - Best for team-based task management
  4. Mailshake - Best with built-in lead intelligence
  5. Apollo - Best for B2B SaaS sales teams
  6. GetAccept - Best virtual sales room
  7. Autobound - Best AI-generated outreach messaging
  8. Assistive - Best for field sales teams
  9. - Best for outbound B2C sales
  10. SalesHandy - Best for cold email automation

Overviews of the 10 Best Sales Engagement Software

Here, you can find a detailed overview of each of the best sales engagement software that made it to my short list. I’ve added details on their best use cases and standout features and included a screenshot of the user interface to give you a sense of each platform.

1. Groove - Best native Salesforce integration

groove sales engagement software screenshot
The platform’s integration with Salesforce makes CRM data accessible in its sales engagement features.

Groove is a sales engagement software with communication, workflow management, productivity, revenue intelligence, and analytics tools.

Why I picked Groove: Sales teams can use the software as a centralized location for various data and information related to their operations. Sales calls can be recorded and transcribed, appointments can be scheduled, and multi-channel automated sequences can be created through the platform. Sales pipelines can be tracked and evaluated, and engagement and activity metrics are tracked across all deals that move through your sales funnel.

All of these functionalities are built on the software’s native Salesforce integration. Salesforce remains your team’s CRM database, but two-way data syncing brings contact records from Salesforce into the platform and sends notes and activity updates back to Salesforce. Custom fields and workflows can be established between the programs.

Groove Standout Features and Integrations

Features include call recording, call coaching, automated call transcription, multi-channel workflow automation, SMS management, pipeline management, automated lead capture, and lead engagement analytics.

Integrations include LinkedIn and Salesforce.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Friendly user interface
  • Vast knowledge base
  • On-demand training
  • Not ideal for teams not using Salesforce
  • Steep learning curve

2. - Best modular sales engagement platform sales engagement software screenshot
Users see a prioritized list of recommended actions to take with each of their prospects in the pipeline. is a modular sales engagement software with dialer, conversation guidance, revenue intelligence, and calendar management capabilities.

Why I picked The platform is divided into various products supporting different functions, with its core functionality being the dialer. The software provides a prioritized list of actions to take for every deal in the sales pipeline. As agents make sales calls, they’re provided with guidance for their conversations. Pre-built templates are available in the platform to guide sales calls, and unique information can be viewed for every prospect.

Users looking for more advanced feature sets can choose from increasing product tiers that include additional modules. AI-powered conversation coaching becomes available, as does multi-channel sales workflows. Among the most advanced features are detailed analytics and revenue intelligence. Standout Features and Integrations

Features include lead prioritization, activity data capture, high-velocity dialing, real-time conversation guidance, call guidance templates, and action recommendations.

Integrations include ActiveCampaign, Five9, Google Suite, HubSpot, Marketo, Microsoft Teams, Nylas, Outlook, Salesforce, Twilio, Zoom, and 6sense.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Great for call-focused sales teams
  • Plenty of how-to videos available
  • Friendly interface, easy to learn
  • Set pricing tiers, can’t mix and match modules
  • Analytics only available for advanced plans

3. Upscale - Best for team-based task management

upscale sales engagement software screenshot
Teams can track performance metrics to understand where there might be gaps in their pipeline and who the top performers are.

Upscale facilitates several sales engagement functionalities, including multi-channel outreach, task management, workflow automation, and analytics and reporting.

Why I picked Upscale: Sales reps can manage their WhatsApp messages, emails, LinkedIn communications, and calls using the software. It also provides a multi-channel workflow builder, and sales cadences can be automated and tracked for optimization. The dialer auto-assigns incoming calls, ensuring they’re picked up. Call scripts can be configured for more effective sales conversations.

Teams get an overview of their various sales tasks, progress that’s been made, and who’s assigned to which prospects in the software. Agents receive notifications related to tasks assigned to them. Performance tracking helps identify gaps in the sales funnel and highlights the work of high-performing agents.

Upscale Standout Features and Integrations

Features include unlimited multi-channel sequences, A/B testing, email templates, dialer, custom triggers, sending schedules, Chrome extension, local area code masking, call recording, and performance analytics.

Integrations include Google Sheets, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Pipedrive, Vidyard, and Zoho. Additional integrations can be configured through Zapier.

Price: From $75/user/month

Free Trial: 21-day free trial available

  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Vast knowledge base
  • Free trial to try before you buy
  • Somewhat complex, takes time to learn
  • Data exports via email, rather than direct download

4. Mailshake - Best with built-in lead intelligence

mailshake sales engagement software screenshot
A calendar view helps you visualize all of your outreach email send times and cadences.

Mailshake is an outbound email and calling software for sales teams that also has built-in lead intelligence capabilities.

Why I picked Mailshake: This software can be used to manage outbound emails, helping sales reps connect with new leads. Sales reps can create automated email sequences and follow-up messages, and track the performance of every email they send to improve their outreach strategy. With a more advanced plan, teams can also access telephony features like a power dialer and phone scripts.

The company also provides lead generation software to help build your contact list, which can be purchased separately but is included with the sales engagement software. Users can search for contact email addresses and filter leads based on their location, role, or company.

Mailshake Standout Features and Integrations

Features include AI email drafting, automated email sequences, sequence auto-pause, A/B testing, list cleaning, email templates, browser extension, lead intelligence, and email monitoring.

Integrations include Calendly, Call Loop, Drift, Facebook, Google Suite, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Nimble, Outlook, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Salesmate, Slack, Twilio, and Zoho.

Price: From $58/user/month (billed annually)

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Weekly training webinars
  • Built-in lead intelligence
  • Friendly interface, easy to use
  • Calling features not available in basic plan
  • Phone support not available

5. Apollo - Best for B2B SaaS sales teams

apollo sales engagement software screenshot
The software has advanced analytics capabilities and offers an industry contact database for prospecting.

Apollo is a sales prospecting, engagement, and automation software for sales teams working in the B2B SaaS industry.

Why I picked Before you start to engage your sales prospects, you can build your lists with the software’s prospecting and intelligence tools. A database of over 250 million contacts helps B2B sales teams find relevant, qualified leads for outreach. Users can also create personas in the system, and its AI-powered algorithm will find leads that match.

The software has email, calling, and task management tools that include automation options. Workflows can be established to assign prospects and tasks to specific sales reps and for specific actions to be taken when contact or account data changes. Advanced email analytics help teams understand the results of their efforts. Standout Features and Integrations

Features include customizable templates, A/B testing, lead database, buyer intent data, email sequences, dialer, pre-built reports, advanced email analytics, 

Integrations include Gmail, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Outlook, Outreach, Salesforce, Salesloft, and a custom API. Zapier can also be used to configure integrations.

Price: From $49/user/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial + free demo + free plan available

  • Free-forever plan available
  • All plans come with Zapier
  • Knowledge base and webinars available
  • Lead intelligence data may not benefit those not in B2B industries
  • Custom training and onboarding only available with highest-tier plan

6. GetAccept - Best virtual sales room

get accept sales engagement software screenshot
Sales teams can develop virtual portals through which they can liaise with and engage their prospects.

GetAccept is a sales software that creates a virtual environment where prospects and sales reps can interact and manage various deal stages.

Why I picked GetAccept: Users can build a virtual portal with curated multimedia content to inform and engage prospects about their product or services. Together, sales reps and prospects can create a plan with action items to move forward in the deal process. A proposal can then be sent to the client, and once agreed upon, a contract can be delivered and signed through the software.

For teams working in service-based industries, a digital sales room can be a better option than traditional emailing and video conferencing. The platform centralizes the information, documentation, and activity history of the sales process in a custom, dedicated environment. This helps both the client and seller keep track of their progress.

GetAccept Standout Features and Integrations

Features include electronic signatures, sales collateral management, content templates, video recording, unlimited users, custom branding, and automated reminders.

Integrations include Freshsales, HubSpot, Lime CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and SuperOffice.

Price: From $39/user/month

Free Trial: Free demo + free trial available

  • On-demand video training library
  • Friendly, easy to learn interface
  • Proposal, quote, and contract management included
  • API access costs an additional fee
  • May not be suited to high-volume or self-serve sales

7. Autobound - Best AI-generated outreach messaging

autobound sales engagement software screenshot
The software produces AI-generated content that can be used for sales outreach messaging on LinkedIn or in emails.

Autobound is a sales engagement software that helps you craft personalized outreach messages using ChatGPT artificial intelligence.

Why I picked Autobound: Sales reps can use the software to write LinkedIn messages and complete emails alike. The platform’s AI capabilities leverage contact data like shared experiences, important dates, and social media posts to produce personalized, relevant messaging. Teams can train the system to better understand their product offer, target users, and competitors.

For teams managing high-volume outbound sales campaigns, this can be a helpful tool in crafting messages to connect and build rapport with prospects. The software can indicate if you have shared interests, educational background, or work experience as your lead. It helps save time on researching potential customers so you can get into their inbox more quickly.

Autobound Standout Features and Integrations

Features include contact data and insights, content recommendations, message openers and email preview text, value props, and Chrome extension.

Integrations include Gmail, LinkedIn, Outreach, and Salesloft.

Price: From $23/user/month

Free Trial: Free trial + free demo available

  • Speeds up drafting time for outreach messages
  • Helps incorporate personal details into messaging
  • Can be trained to understand your product value and ICP
  • Recommended content is occasionally generic
  • Functionality is limited to message development

8. Assistive - Best for field sales teams

assistive sales engagement software screenshot
Teams can collect lead data, manage their sales pipeline, and track field rep activity using the software.

Assistive is a sales CRM software that’s designed to support field-based sales reps and teams.

Why I picked Assistive: The CRM stores contact data, has pipeline management capabilities, and provides analytics and reports. It’s also highly customizable and teams can create unique activities and develop custom workflows with the software. The platform provides team members with recommended tasks in a prioritized list, helping to support productivity. 

This software’s field-first mobile app provides team members with a map that can be used to plan their route. Field reps can also log their attendance, track expenses, and generate activity reports through the software. And they have access to all their contact data and activity information while they’re on the move.

Assistive Standout Features and Integrations

Features include mobile app, map view, expense management, leave management, employee attendance, customizable workflows, task prioritization, and drag-and-drop reporting.

Integration information is not currently available. 

Price: From $9/user/month

Free Trial: Free plan + free demo available

  • Affordable pricing tiers for small businesses
  • Friendly mobile app user interface
  • Map view helps field reps plan their routes
  • Advanced analytics only available with premium plans
  • May not be suited to in-office teams

9. - Best for outbound B2C sales sales engagement software screenshot
Users can segment and filter through the software’s large database of B2C contacts for prospecting and outreach purposes. is an outbound marketing and sales automation platform for teams working in consumer-facing industries in the US.

Why I picked The software hosts a database of over 250 million consumer contacts that can be used for prospecting and outreach. Contact demographic, behavioral, and interest-based data is stored in the database, allowing users to segment according to their customer personas. The software can also track website visitors and capture lead data from ad traffic, allowing teams to build out their own lead database.

Outbound communication tools include email and text outreach campaigns as well as lead activity notifications for sales reps. The company also has a product that facilitates automated responses for social media messaging, ensuring customers and prospects receive timely responses through your social channels. Standout Features and Integrations

Features include B2C contact database, buyer intent data, data enrichment, lead capture, visitor tracking, segmentation, email and SMS sequences, messaging inbox and lead attribution and analytics.

Integrations can be configured via Zapier, which is included in higher-tier pricing plans. 

Price: From $249/month (billed annually)

Free Trial: Free plan available

  • Email and phone support with all paid plans
  • Messaging templates available for quicker drafting
  • Dedicated automation specialist with Enterprise plan
  • Social media tool must be purchased separately
  • Somewhat complex, comes with a learning curve

10. SalesHandy - Best for cold email automation

saleshandy sales engagement software screenshot
Users can manage all of their email communications from the software’s unified inbox.

SalesHandy is a cold email automation software that helps you personalize your outreach messaging and improve deliverability.

Why I picked SalesHandy: Sales teams can centralize their email communications in the software’s shared inbox. Users can search and filter through emails to quickly find the thread they’re looking for. The software has an email sequence builder that allows users to create email templates with personalization fields and create up to 26 email test versions with their ‘A/Z testing’ feature.

Prospecting and list-building can be conducted using the software’s Chrome extension, which pulls email addresses from LinkedIn into your database. Various deliverability features can help you reduce bounce rates, including an AI scanner for spammy words and a tool that ramps up your email send limits.

SalesHandy Standout Features and Integrations

Features include email sequence builder, custom email templates, custom personalization fields, sender rotation, Chrome extension, email verification, AI text scanner, and email tracking.

Integration information is not currently available.

Price: Plans start from $34/month

Free Trial: 7-day free trial available

  • All plans support unlimited email accounts
  • Large bank of video tutorials on YouTube
  • Private community for cold email best practices
  • Newer product, some features are still being developed
  • Limited quantity of pre-built email templates

Other Options

Beyond the top 10 sales engagement software outlined above, here are some other options worth checking out:

How I Selected the Best Sales Engagement Software

You might be wondering: how did I come up with this list of the best sales engagement software? First, I went big and compiled a long list of top platforms that had good user ratings. Then, I outlined evaluation criteria (see below) to make sure I was comparing the software based on the same factors. By measuring how each software ranked on my selection criteria, I narrowed my list down to 10.

I’ve been working in the revenue operations field for over a decade. In that time, I’ve used my fair share of SaaS tools for everything from lead generation to sales automation and customer support management. So I also used my personal judgment to look for features and functionalities in these software that stood out as particularly valuable.

Selection Criteria

Here are the selection criteria I used to evaluate each product included in my list of the 10 best sales engagement platforms:


These software solutions can be quite different from one to the next. I made sure to take into account the overall functionality of each platform and how it might support different types of sales teams under various circumstances. For example, some software is built to facilitate sales outreach while other options are designed to track sales cycles.

Target User

Many platforms included on the list are designed for specific industries or sales strategies. There are tools for field-based sales reps, B2B sales teams, and agencies or professional service providers. I made sure to note the best use case and target users of the tools on the list, to help sales leaders like you pick the best option for your team.


Gone are the days of over-complicated systems implemented by the IT team. In the fast-paced world of sales, you don’t have time to get bogged down by a clunky, outdated interface. User-friendliness was high on my list of priorities as I researched these software. I’ve included notes on each system’s usability in my overviews.


There are all kinds of different features to be found in sales engagement software (see my list of key features in the FAQ section below). So, I kept my eyes peeled for features and tools that really stood out as value-adds. You’ll find a list of standout features alongside each overview on my list.


We all want to find software that will fit in with our existing tech stack. Especially in sales, you need a tool that will connect with your LinkedIn and Gmail to speed up prospecting and emails with clients. Each software’s integrations are listed in its overview.


Who says you’ve gotta spend money to make money? Jokes aside, many of these software offer free trials, demos, and even freemium plans. Pricing details are provided with each platform listed to help you make an informed decision about what’s within your budget.

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Here are a few other tools that may pique your interest.

Empower Your Sales Team With Great Software

Whatever your industry, whatever your business model, your sales team works hard to connect with qualified leads and convert them into paying customers. Especially as you scale, keeping track of processes and deal stages can get complicated. But there’s plenty of sales engagement software options available to support your salespeople in a myriad of ways. Hopefully, a tool on this list is a good fit for your business needs!

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By Phil Gray

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