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20 Best Quote Management Software In 2023

Best Quote Management Software Shortlist 

Here is my shortlist of the best quote management software options. Read on to learn what you can expect from each of these tools.

  1. MonetizeNow - Best quoting platform built specifically for SaaS
  2. Quoter - Best quoting tool for ViOP and telecom industry needs
  3. Paperless Parts - Best sales quoting software for complex assemblies in manufacturing industries
  4. Subskribe - Best for quick implementation time to get up and running in a few weeks
  5. HiveCPQ - Best CPQ for B2B ecommerce platforms
  6. Proposify - Best proposal automation and quote management for SMBs
  7. QuoteWerks - Best for branded, professional quote creation
  8. Experlogix CPQ - Best for using with Microsoft Dynamics
  9. iQuoteXpress - Best for clear, predictable monthly pricing
  10. Expedite Commerce - Best cloud-based platform for revenue operations and management
  11. - Best for zero-code quote and proposal management
  12. Zuora Billing - Best for monetizing innovations through simplified billing processes

If you’re working on winning new customers through outstanding quotes and contracts, you need to send out something professional, branded, and personalized. While you can do it all on your own, there’s an easier way to create and manage your quotes with quote management software. 

With this list of the best quote management systems, I’ll help you explore the various features you can expect from each platform and what they can do for your organization. Learn how these tools can improve your sales processes by automating and streamlining quote creation, getting binding e-signatures, and integrating with your CRM.

What Is Quote Management Software?

Quote management software is a type of CPQ (configure price quote) tool that helps you place a focus on the proposal and proposal request part of your sales process. These platforms will automate quote and proposal creation so you can generate them more quickly and ensure fewer errors. Many of these platforms also come with convenient addons, including e-signature requests, conversion to invoices, and multi-file format storage.

Overviews of the 20 Best Quote Management Software

Now that we’re ready to dive into the specifics of each tool, keep reading for a summary of the named software, a standout feature that caught my eye, pricing information, and a few pros and cons.

1. MonetizeNow - Best quoting platform built specifically for SaaS

monetizenow quote management software screenshot
MonetizeNow dashboard with details for every quote and client in one place.

As a unified quoting, billing, and usage platform, MonetizeNow delivers a streamlined quote-to-cash process to help your organization manage all channels of sale and price models without looking for point solutions in your GTM architecture. With options to control offering types, comprehensive pricing, and real-time pricing updates, MonetizeNow works with your current processes to enhance sales, quotes, and billing.

Why I picked MonetizeNow: This platform made the list because of their customized quote template capabilities. With this tool, you can completely control the data shown in any quote presentation, including the product descriptions and billing schedule. This tool also provides you with the ability to set default net terms, as well as customized terms and conditions.

MonetizeNow Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include complex and ramp capabilities that allow you to schedule quote changes, make quote changes mid-term, and sync subscription start and end dates. It also comes with approval workflows to ensure consistent pricing decisions across your organization.

Integrations include AWS, Avalara, Azure, Braintree, DocuSign, DropBox, Sage, Salesforce, Stripe, and Xero. All integrations are bi-directional connections.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Dedicated to customer support and satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement of their product with consistent updates
  • Very user-friendly sales tool
  • Limited custom term library
  • Implementation can take a little longer due to personalized service

2. Quoter - Best quoting tool for VoIP and telecom industry needs

quoter quote management software screenshot
Quoter allows your sales reps to easily cross-sell and upsell your service with optional checked items.

This modern, cloud-based platform is designed to help technology service providers sell better and get paid faster through a simplified, collaborative user experience, customized quote creation, pre-built templates, and drag-and-drop quote editing. Checkable, optional selections and add-ons bring your customers in on the quote building experience.

Why I picked Quoter: I chose this platform for my list of professional quote creation platforms because of the way you can group services, products, and labor into different sections within a quote. Add the sections and items you want for easily readable quotes with visualization for subtotals and breakdowns.

Quoter Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include drag and drop editing to reorder various sections of a quote to better highlight the scope of work and optional add-on sections that customers can check and uncheck for themselves.

Integrations include ConnectWise, Datto Autotask, Dicker Data, HubSpot, Ingram Micro, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, QuickBooks Online, Salesforce, and Xero.

Pricing One-Liner: From $129/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Allows editable pre-loaded inventory and product lists
  • Fast, simple, and easy to learn
  • Flexible and intuitive customization options
  • Branding options aren’t as sophisticated
  • Once created, quotes aren’t editable

3. Paperless Parts - Best sales quoting software for complex assemblies in manufacturing industries

paperless parts quote management software screenshot
Paperless Parts shows the status of each quote, as well as customer and quote details.

This online quoting software is designed as a quoting and estimating platform to support manufacturing processes, including CNC milling Swiss screw machining, CNC lathe, additive manufacturing, and sheet metal fabrication. It also offers sales, pricing, and revenue generation features with accounting software, online payments, and electronic signatures.

Why I picked Paperless Parts: One of the reasons this platform made my list is because of their BOM building capabilities. Instead of spending days estimating and organizing a bill of materials, you can automatically extract tree structures from CAD files to create and edit assemblies, identify and price subcomponents, and purchase all necessary hardware more quickly.

Paperless Parts Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include tracking and management of RFQs on one centralized platform for easier viewing, manufacturability warnings to catch issues as early as possible, and a PDF viewing tool to help compare revisions, redact sensitive information, and ensure information is searchable.

Integrations include E2 Shop, Epicor, Fulcrum, JobBOSS, JobBOSS2, HubSpot, Infor® VISUAL, Infor® SyteLine, Made2Manage, and MIE Trak Pro.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Branded, professional quote templates
  • Automatically calculates estimated machine run-time
  • Collaboration tools for sharing 3D models
  • Not all manufacturing customers are equipped for digital project management
  • Web-based app doesn’t work well with Safari

4. Subskribe - Best for quick implementation time to get up and running in a few weeks

subskribe quote management software screenshot
The Subskribe dashboard provides access to everything your team may need to do in one place.

As an adaptive quoting, revenue, and billing software solution for SaaS companies, Subskribe strives to deliver a totally unified platform with no need for silos or reconciliation from quote to revenue. Utilize innovative deal structures, like mid-term upsells and flexible discounts, to increase growth and ensure a faster time to market.

Why I picked Subskribe: This best quoting software made the list because they claim to get you up and running in just a few weeks — where other professional service providers can take up to six months. Subskribe also says they deliver a tool that requires almost no user training, allowing sales reps to structure deals and create approval workflows with just a few clicks.

Subskribe Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include a billing system to help finance organizations enable subscription management, as well as usage-based billing and automated revenue recognition to accelerate book closing and eliminate the need for reconciliation.

Integrations include Avalara, DocuSign, HubSpot, Netsuite, PandaDoc, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Slack, and Stipe.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • User-friendly interface with no learning curve
  • Flexible customization options for editing quotes
  • Frequent updates that improve the platform
  • Sales rep experience is pretty generic
  • Limited third-party integration support

5. HiveCPQ - Best CPQ for B2B ecommerce platforms

hivecpq quote management software screenshot
Hive allows you to collaborate on projects with distributors, warehouses, and other team members.

HiveCPQ is a web and mobile friendly quote management and inventory tracking system that provides product configuration, collaborative workflows, visually optimized product details, and real-time product updates by connecting to your other apps. This platform is designed to benefit marketing, sales, engineering, operations, and customer service departments.

Why I picked HiveCPQ: The main reason I chose this quote management software is because of their robust configurator. In addition to having a web and mobile app, this system can load data from anywhere and integrate with every other system you use. It can also solve highly complex configurations while taking user privileges into account.

HiveCPQ Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include collaborative elements that allow customers to join in on the process, interactive exploded plans of products to help customers order the correct spare parts, and global capabilities that ensure the platform functions in your customer’s currency, time zone, and language. 

Integrations include Microsoft Business Central, Microsoft Finance, Microsoft Project Operations, PowerAutomate, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM. You can also build your own integrations with the Hive API.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Flexible and smart configuration options
  • Low barrier to entry with user-friendly navigation
  • Must make requests for feature updates
  • Higher cost platform than others

6. Proposify - Best proposal automation and quote management for SMBs

proposify quote management software screenshot
Proposify offers a metrics viewer to help you track deal and sale KPIs.

As a general proposal and work management tool, Proposify offers an online software that provides more control and visibility at every stage of the sales process. From quote creation to follow-ups with clients, you can create and manage all the most essential sales documents you need and house them in a central space.

Why I picked Proposify: I wanted this platform on my list because it combines two sales steps that often go hand in hand: proposals and quotes. With access to proposal templates, contract details, and quote creation, you can communicate with clients in real time and make edits as needed to close deals faster.

Proposify Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include quote template creation through drag-and-drop editing from your content library to standardize and automate sales documents and advanced insights into prospect behavior that tracks how they interact with quote documents.

Integrations include Accelo, ActiveCampaign, Copper, Drift, Gong, Harvest, HubSpot,, Nimble, Salesforce, and Zendesk Sell. Proposify has both native and Zapier-driven integrations.

Pricing One-Liner: From $49/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: 14-day free trial available

  • Clean, sleek proposal and quote documents
  • Flexible customization for building templates
  • Very responsive customer support team
  • Has a bit of a learning curve
  • Formatting through copy/paste can be clunky

7. QuoteWerks - Best for branded, professional quote creation

quotewerks quote management software screenshot
QuoteWerks provides a familiar grid interface that helps you transition from spreadsheets.

As a web-based CPQ software solution, QuoteWerks is designed to enable organizations of all sizes to create, edit, and view quotes and proposals online. Enjoy complete document management capabilities that allows users to edit, create, and open documents on the web. With this platform, you can access and manage quotes on the go from any device with a web browser.

Why I picked QuoteWerks: I liked this software for my list because it places a focus on something that many other platforms only care about tangentially — branding. With QuoteWerks, you can brand quotes, proposals, presentations, and other sales documents (like terms and conditions, contracts, and SOWs) with beautiful, professional layouts.

QuoteWerks Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include e-sign and accepting legally binding documents directly in the platform, collecting ACH and credit card payments with any one of over 80 payment gateways, and knowing at what stage your quotes are at with tracking and viewing capabilities in real time.

Integrations include ACT!, ConnectWise, Datto Autotask, GoldMine, HubSpot, Maximizer, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Zoho CRM.

Pricing One-Liner: From $15/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free trial available

  • Easy to train new staff on the platform
  • Custom template creation standardizes documents
  • Intuitive user interface and navigation
  • Limited knowledge of local sales tax
  • The UI can feel a little outdated

8. Experlogix CPQ - Best for using with Microsoft Dynamics

experlogix cpq quote management software screenshot
Experlogix CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics working in tandem to automatically create a bill of materials.

As a quote and order platform, Experlogix can help automate the entire quote-to-order process for professional service firms, manufacturers, publishers, and high-technology companies. Built on Microsoft .NET tech, Experlogix Configurators are available on-demand, on-premise, and off-line to ensure you have the support you need for all CPQ operations.

Why I picked Experlogix: One of the reasons this platform is on my list is because of their guided selling feature, which verifies the accuracy of a quote or order in real time. It instantly delivers the intelligent feedback you need via a color-coded highlight or pop-up message. Use this feature to configure recommendations for add-ons, cross-selling, and upselling.

Experlogix Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include logic-based discounting and pricing through an intuitive, wizard-driven workbench and 2D/3D visualization that allows clients to see configurations of their products in real time based on the options they’ve selected.

Integrations include Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Sales, NetSuite, and Salesforce.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Clear and easy to see all estimated data
  • Low and no coding options
  • Simple to see and track proposals
  • Slightly more technical navigation style
  • Has a bit of a learning curve

9. iQuoteXpress - Best for clear, predictable monthly pricing

iquotexpress quote management software screenshot
iQuoteXpress has a beautiful dashboard and user interface with color-coded readability.

Also known as IQX, iQuoteXpress offers a CPQ solution for sales professionals that has a proven pricing configurator that can be used in tandem with Shopify as an essential ecommerce tool for B2B organizations that facilitates simplified restocks and purchasing for your existing customers.

Why I picked IQX: This platform made my list because of the way they manage their knowledge repository. Whenever one of your sales reps needs to create a quote, edit a proposal, or configure inventory pricing, everything they need is in one place, including relational product trees, document library, education center, and product data.

IQX Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include branded, customized proposal templates and quote creation tools, contact management that stores customer data and purchase history, and proposal tracking and reporting that includes sales activity, forecasting, group productivity, proposal status, and expense summary.

Integrations include DocuSign, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Pipedrive, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Xero, Zoho Books, and Zoho CRM.

Pricing One-Liner: From $39/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free trial not available

  • Simple user interface with intuitive navigation
  • Responsive and personalized customer support
  • Step by step implementation support
  • Highly customized implementations take much longer
  • No mobile app for access on the go

10. Expedite Commerce - Best cloud-based platform for revenue operations and management

expedite commerce quote management software screenshot
Expedite Commerce can manage everything, including internet connectivity.

As a cloud-based platform that’s built specifically for B2B revops, Expedite Commerce provides a dedicated software that has it all, including CPQ, an ecommerce storefront, CLM, revenue billing and forecasting, a digital sales room, and subscription management. This platform also has real-time analytics that result in actionable results.

Why I picked Expedite Commerce: One of the unique features that got this platform on my list was their guided digital selling. With this tool, you can create an interactive quiz that asks the right questions of your clients to find out what they truly need and guides them to the right products.

Expedite Commerce Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include a digital sales room to collaborate with customers, an ecommerce storefront that offers a B2C-like experience to B2B customers, and flexible billing modules that include recurring billing and subscriptions.

Integrations include Affirm, Avalara, BS PayOne, Digital River, Go Cardless, Klarna, NetSuite, Salesforce, SAP, and TripWorks.

Pricing One-Liner: From $40/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Comprehensive sales and quote management
  • Quick responses to questions and issues
  • Highly customizable system during implementation
  • Limited documentation, training, and guidance
  • Not enough detail during the deployment process

11. - Best for zero-code quote and proposal management quote management software screenshot offers branded document creation with searchable details.

As one of the most complete and connected revenue workflow solutions, DealHub for quote management comes with a lot of extra features. In addition to a no-code platform that ensures everyone on your team can operate and execute deals, this platform also comes with contract management, sales proposals, subscription management, buyer engagement, document generation, and e-signatures.

Why I picked DealHub: I like the DealHub platform for many reasons. One of which is the capability of their sales quoting and configuration feature, which offers advanced pricing options and discount tools built-in. You can modify pricing based on location and multi-currency support to ensure your global needs are being met.

DealHub Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include guided selling with walk-throughs and digital playbooks to direct sales reps at every stage of your process and engagement analytics with email alerts that provide top players real-time insights into buyer engagement and intentions.

Integrations include DocuSign, Freshworks, Gong, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and SugarCRM.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Intuitive navigation and customizable dashboards
  • Great customer support team
  • Can have complex implementation requirements
  • Limited flexibility for document configuration 

12. Zuora Billing - Best for monetizing innovations through simplified billing processes

zuora billing quote management software screenshot
Zuora makes it easy to customize pricing plans with a build-your-own model.

Designed to enable subscription companies to grow revenue and scale rapidly by bringing new services and products to market without operational constraint, Zuora is a cloud solution that allows you to adopt a variety of creative pricing and packaging methods that ensure you can gain more market share, automate billing, and manage high volume self-service sales.

Why I picked Zuora: One really cool feature from Zuora is their Monetization Suite, which helps you manage a variety of business models on one single platform. Use this tool to launch pricing models, scale billing operations across all subscribers, and enable subscription changes for every channel.

Zuora Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include a CPQ that allows you to build a quote based on any combination of products, subscriptions, and services for the entire subscriber lifecycle and a payment support system designed to reduce fraud and increase acceptance.

Integrations include AnyPoint Platform, Boomi, Everstage, NetSuite, PayPal, Pipify, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Sisense, and Spiff.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available

  • Comprehensive platform to handle all sales needs
  • Easy to use with training
  • Don’t need technical knowledge
  • Pricing is about 40% higher than comparable competitors
  • More complex implementation require technical experience

Other Options

Because there are so many quoting software options out there, I also included a few that didn’t make the top ten list but still deserve an honorable mention. Check out these tools to see if they’re the right fit for you. 

  1. Zoho CRM - Best quote management software for a more holistic CRM approach
  2. Salesforce Revenue Cloud - Best for next-generation billing and revenue recognition
  3. HubSpot Sales Hub - Best for aligning your sales process and eliminating friction
  4. RevOps - Best platform for intuitive revenue acceleration and collaboration
  5. PandaDoc - Best quote management for individuals, contractors, and small businesses
  6. BlueSnap Accounts Receivable Automation- Best global payment orchestration platform
  7. Qwilr - Best for increasing sales velocity and shortening the sales cycle
  8. Cincom CPQ - Best for managing sales of complex products and services

Selection Criteria For Quote Management Software 

If you want to know how I chose the above tools, here’s a short summary of the main selection and evaluation criteria I used to develop my list of the best quote management software for this article:

Core Functionality

Your quote management software can do a lot for your sales process besides generating quote documents. Some of the core functionality I was looking for in each of these platforms includes the ability to:

  • Make and send quote documents to customers
  • Collaborate with other team members and potential clients to close deals
  • Manage quote and invoice documents in one place
  • Close sales with legally binding signatures

Key Features

The key features that ensure core functionality can be found in the description of the platforms above. Some of the features to keep an eye out for include:

  • Automated quote creation: Use integrations, contact lists, pricing data, and inventory information to create accurate quotes and proposals.
  • Custom quote builder: Use pre-built templates that simplify quote creation by filling in the blanks with customer info and agreement data.
  • Notifications and alerts: Stay up to date on quote and proposal progress with status notifications and alerts when documents have been sent, viewed, and signed.
  • Quote to invoice function: Pull details directly from quotes and proposals to create separate, accurate invoices.
  • E-signatures: Online signature capabilities that are legally binding, secure, and trackable.


Learning how to use software quickly and easily is definitely an important part of usability. But how do each of these platforms integrate with your existing tech stack? Do they complement your current workflow? I asked myself these questions to determine which of these platforms were the most useful and easy to navigate.

Software Integrations

I’ve already mentioned integrating with your existing tech stack, and for good reason. Your quoting process is dependent on your various apps and platforms sharing information to ensure accuracy and precision in your deal-making. I chose sales quote tools that integrate with the most popular CRMs, proposal software, sales enablement software, and invoicing tools. 


There are various pricing models for quote management software, including subscriptions and per user. You can expect to pay anywhere between $35/month to $100/user/month. There are also some free plan options, enterprise-specific options, and tiered, custom pricing solutions available.

People Also Ask

Still working on wrapping your head around why quote management software might be the key to enhancing your sales process? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions to better prepare yourself.

Other Revenue Operations Software

If you’ve found the right quote management software for your needs but you’re still looking for a few more tools to round out your tech stack, check out our other top ten lists below: 


Hopefully, you’ve found a quote management software on my list that will help streamline your sales operations and up your game to increase revenue and business growth. If you liked this list, there’s plenty more where it came from on our blog, as well as unique insights from our revops experts on a weekly basis. 

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By Phil Gray

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