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In the world of sales, there’s always a new approach, technique, sales strategy or term to learn. And thanks to new(er) content mediums like podcasts, there’s never been a better time to soak up information and be productive even when you’re busy doing other, less-productive things. In fact, according to BuzzSprout, 62% of the US population has listened to a podcast, with 73% listening to online audio within the last month.

Whether you’re wanting more sales training, to understand the psychology of why people buy, or proven tips on how you can streamline your sales process or ace your sales game, there’s a podcast out there that holds all the answers—and we’ve done the work to find them. Behold the inevitable boost to your sales skills and ultimately, your sales career: the 10 best sales podcasts you need to know and listen to.

The Sales Evangelist

The word ‘evangelist’ denotes someone who is passionate about their belief, and it’s safe to say The Sales Evangelist podcast is exactly that about all things sales. Hosted out of Florida, USA, by Founder and CEO Donald Kelly—who has been named a LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales for 2022, a LinkedIn Sales Insider for 2022 and one of the top 29 Salesforce Influencers in 2022—you can expect in-depth conversations with experienced and educated guests on topics from how to build confidence in sales to building community and generating leads.

Advanced Selling Podcast

The Advanced Selling Podcast is the longest-running sales podcast in podcast history, so you know it’s been vetted and loved by some of the best in the business. Hosted by Sales Development Leader Bill Caskey and Sales Coach Bryan Neale, their combined 50 years of sales trainer experience shines through in topics like layoffs, the metamorphosis of the salesperson, old school vs new school selling and what really works. Looking for something a little different than what I’ve just listed? Check out their archive dating all the way back to June 2009.

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Conversations with Women in Sales

I’d say this one’s for the ladies, but having won multiple awards, men should listen up too. Conversations with Women in Sales is exactly that–a series of interviews (or conversations) with either a woman in sales or a male ally, each of whom is doing incredible work and sharing actionable advice. Hosted by Lori Richardson, an expert on revenue growth and author of ‘She Sells’, the podcast produces three new episodes a month and hosts guests who excel in multiple ways. Past guests include Stephanie Chung, the first African-American to lead a major private aviation company, and Katie Visco, the youngest woman to run across the US in 2009.

Sales Hacker Podcast

Created by sales professionals for sales professionals, the Sales Hacker Podcast was originally founded in 2013 by Max Altschuler, VP of Marketing at Outreach and author of the books ‘Sales Engagement,’ ‘Hacking Sales,’ and ‘Career Hacking for Millennials.’ Committed to elevating the sales profession and supporting others on their journey to the top, it hosts CEOs, CROs, and other top-tier sales experts from companies like Bite and ZoomInfo to discuss topics ranging from career jumps and biggest mistakes to espionage tactics that help you sell.

Sales Pipeline Radio

Hosted by Matt Heinz at Heinz Marketing, Sales Pipeline Radio shares secrets from the brightest minds in the world of B2B sales and marketing. Matt himself has helped organizations like Amazon and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation create successful and predictable marketing engines, and his podcast covers every step of the pipeline, from lead generation to sales effectiveness. Expect a lot of knowledgeable C-suite guests and discussions around topics like sales and marketing integration, adjusting your tech stack in economic uncertainty, and how to deliver a competitive buying experience.

Sales Success Stories

Hosted by Scott Ingram, the Sales Success Stories podcast aims to deconstruct world-class sales performers to provide insights and strategies to help sales teams improve. He “only interviews quota carrying, individual contributors who are either the #1 top producer on their team or at least in the top 1% of performers on a very large team of over 100 sellers.” Oh, and it’s always people who are at the top of their game, right now, so you know the sales tips are really relevant. Before you get started, it’s worth noting the episodes are long and deep–often around 75 minutes. That said, he also has a daily Sales Tips podcast with 5-10 minute episodes.

Sales Enablement

Boasting over three million downloads and “900+ episodes of candid, inspiring conversations with the world’s most exciting revenue leaders,” the Sales Enablement podcast is a must-listen for entrepreneurs, sales managers and all other kinds of sales leaders. Hosted by Andy Paul–Author of three books and number eight on LinkedIn’s list of Top 50 Global Sales Experts–new episodes are released three times per week and cover topics like social selling, how to increase your growth IQ, alternatives to cold calling, how to train consistency, and what value proposition is really about.

Make it Happen Mondays

Make It Happen Mondays is a B2B Sales Talk with John Barrows, a leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting. Whether it’s a chat with David Bloom on world class sales enablement, Megan Holsinger on nailing customer success or Greg Segall on prospecting personalization, this podcast touches on all kinds of sales topics, making it relevant to everyone from startups to large enterprises. Even better, the podcast has nearly 250 episodes with the archives dating all the way back to 2017, so if you get hooked, you have plenty to listen to.

Sales Gravy

Looking for a podcast that teaches you how to open more doors, close bigger deals and rock your commission check? This is it. Founded in 2006, international keynote speaker and bestselling author Jeb Blount hosts the Sales Gravy podcast–a place where sales professionals are seen as the elite athletes of the business world and all it takes is the right training. And having trained tens of thousands of top sales performers through his global company, he certainly knows what it takes. With over 200 episodes and counting to choose from, this one is not to be missed.

Sales Babble

Join Pat Helmers on the Sales Babble podcast to uncover all the best selling secrets for non-sellers. Launched in 2014 with the goal of cutting through the noisy babble of bad sales advice, it follows Pat’s belief that “anyone can become skilled in sales if they adopt an attitude of “helping” clients and adding “value” to their lives and businesses”--and not just by simply being pushy. The podcast features episode topics on how to prospect and generate leads, cold calling tips, consultative selling and closing more deals. Even more interesting? Check out the ‘Sales Personality Test’ section.


While there are many other top sales podcasts out there, this summarizes some of the best. Consider it your starting point, and if you need more, check out some other game changers from top business leaders below:

  • Sell or Die with Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow
  • Salesman Podcast with Will Barron
  • B2B Growth Show with James Carbary
  • The Anthony Iannarino Show with Anthony Iannarino
  • The Ziglar Show with Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar
  • Sales Influence - Why People Buy with Victor Antonio
  • The Razor’s Edge with Barbara Giamanco

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