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With so many different sales gamification software available, figuring out which is right for you is tough. You know you want to engage and motivate your sales teams by transforming sales activities into competitive challenges but need to figure out which tool is best. I've got you! In this post I'll help make your choice easy, sharing my personal experiences using dozens of different sales gamification tools with various teams and accounts, with my picks of the best sales gamification software.

What Is Sales Gamification Software?

Sales gamification software is a digital tool that incorporates game-like elements into the sales process to motivate sales teams. It transforms sales tasks and goals into competitive activities, using features like points, leaderboards, badges, and rewards. This software integrates with sales and CRM systems, applying gaming strategies to real-world sales objectives and activities, thereby making the sales environment more interactive and enjoyable.

The benefits of sales gamification software include increased engagement and motivation among sales teams. By introducing elements of competition and recognition, it encourages sales representatives to achieve their targets and perform better. The software enhances team collaboration and morale through shared challenges and rewards. It also provides real-time feedback and performance tracking, allowing sales teams to see their progress and adjust their strategies accordingly. Overall, it creates a dynamic and rewarding sales culture, leading to improved sales performance and productivity.

Overviews Of The 10 Best Sales Gamification Software

As you read on, you’ll see that I’ve summarized each of the sales gamification options on my list, providing you with their standout features and integrations, as well as a snapshot of their inner workings, pricing details, and some pros and cons that should help you narrow down your selection.



Best for leveraging psychological drivers to motivate your salespeople

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
199 reviews

Free demo available

Custom pricing upon request

This sales performance software prioritizes visualization and gamification to help your company build a more productive workplace with less turnover and a more engaged team. By integrating with your CRM, SalesScreen provides real-time updates for competitions, leaderboards, contests, and peer-to-peer recognition.

Why I picked SalesScreen: This gamification software caught my eye because they use psychological metrics to determine what best motivates each team member. They have incentive pathways for various personality types, including Achievers, Socialites, Explorers, and Killers. SalesScreen recommends which pathway you should use with incentives that range from niche badges to social feeds.

SalesScreen Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include over ten pre-built competition templates with bracket-style tournaments, one-day blitzes, and lotteries, as well as custom awards and badges to reward milestones and achievements.

Integrations include Chorus, Lessonly, HubSpot CRM, Outreach, Pipedrive CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Seismic, Slack, Strava, and SugarCRM.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface

Proactive and knowledgeable customer support team

Simplified customization with pre-built templates


Limited contest library of images and templates

Limited integration with internal chat platforms



Best for sales gamification that focuses on knowledge retention

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
97 reviews

Free demo available

Custom pricing upon request

As a web-based platform for sales gamification, SmartWinnr focuses on ensuring uniform messaging for customer communication and keeping your sales team up-to-date on product knowledge while increasing sales. This platform leverages AI-driven quizzes, continuous coaching, gamified KPIs, and reinforcements to drive knowledge.

Why I picked SmartWinnr: This gamification and training platform caught my attention because they focus so much on knowledge retention. Through micro training, personalized learning, and SmartQuizz, your team has frequent contact with learning opportunities to ensure they know what’s going on with your products and services.

SmartWinnr Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include real-time leaderboards tied to quiz performance that help team members keep track of their successes and structured learning paths based on every individual’s needs, skills, and performance.

Integrations include HubSpot CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Agile platform that adapts to your team

Backend customer support is knowledgeable

Available in multiple European languages


Customer service needs to create your custom reports

Advanced features may require training from customer support



Best for a comprehensive enterprise platform to manage brand needs

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
148 reviews

Free demo available

Custom pricing available

Raydiant is an all-in-one platform that can provide everything from video displays, POS-integrated digital menus, self-service kiosks, and sales gamification with rewards to ensure a positive experience for both customers and staff. This tool can provide you with personalized content and content from partner apps that you can display across AI-powered screens.

Why I picked Raydiant: I chose this tool because it does so much more than just sales gamification, while providing some of the most comprehensive incentive experiences possible. Raydiant allows you to connect with Square and Phenium to ensure you have access to top-tier software that helps you craft even more engaging experiences for your employees across multiple locations.

Raydiant Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include a mobile app that showcases leaderboards and competitions so employees can check their status at any time, design templates that provide you with the tools to create brick-and-mortar experiences for customers and self-service kiosks that optimize employee efficiency.

Integrations include BrightSign, DS Menu, Leyline, MapsPeople, Phenium, Poly, RetailNext, Soundtrack Your Brand, Square, and Toast.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Frequently adding new features to the platform

Knowledgeable and friendly customer support

Easy-to-navigate user interface


Customer support can be slow

All the data and features can feel overwhelming to learn



Best for analyzing sales performance to track trends and find room for growth

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
409 reviews

Free demo available

Custom pricing available

This gamification platform leverages Octalysis techniques and psychological principles to drive motivation for team and individual performance. Spinify also tracks these metrics to spot trends and identify areas of improvement so you and your managers can provide personalized coaching for everyone on your team.

Why I picked Spinify: This platform caught my eye because of its Chat GPT-enabled AI. SpinifyGPT works as a sidekick AI to personalize games and make gamification recommendations based on team performance metrics. Whenever you’re out of ideas, Spinify GPT can step in with answers.

Spinify Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include custom goal and metric tracking creation with automated recognition messaging and personalized coaching insights for each team and individual to enhance performance.

Integrations include Bullhorn, Google Sheets, JobAdder, Microsoft Excel, Pipedrive CRM, Outreach, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack, SQL, and Zapier.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Easy to set up users and channels

Simple competition and contest creation

Outstanding tracking and analytics tools


Custom pricing may result in unused tools

Limited branding, missing custom fonts and layouts



Best for saving time with turnkey incentives and templates

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
15 reviews

Free plans available

From $399/month

This cloud-based employee engagement platform is designed to provide sales managers with a wide variety of gamification techniques in addition to communication and collaboration tools. Motivate employees with contests, leaderboards, and rewards, while providing one-on-one chats, team huddles, social feeds, and surveys.

Why I picked Arcade: I chose this tool for my list because it is purely a gamification platform, instead of a CRM with gamification rolled in. This gamification-first solution focuses on beautiful data visualization, fun sales competitions, and leaderboard standings to keep your team on the ball. With a platform that’s nice to look at and fun to use, your employees will actually want to log on.

Arcade Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include a native app for iOS and Android that ensures team members can engage from any device, automation for real-time updates that provide your salespeople with exciting graphic notifications, and unique gamification solutions for inside and field sales teams.

Integrations include B2B Soft, Gmail, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive CRM, Revel Systems, RQ Retail Management, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack, Square POS, and Vend.

Pricing One-Liner: From $399/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free plans available


Platform is very easy to use

Navigation is intuitive and user-friendly

Interface has beautiful graphics and design


Dashboards aren’t fully customizable

App can be slow on mobile with an outdated OS


OneUp Sales

Best for incentivizing both sales and recruiting teams

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
8 reviews

Free demo available

From $545/month

This sales performance platform is ideal for growing sales teams who also place a heavy focus on recruitment. OneUp Sales collects real-time data from every one of your key systems, including VOIPs and CRMs, to provide managers with clear insights, KPI metrics, and automated reports that ensure visibility across your entire organization.

Why I picked OneUp Sales: This tool made my list because they prioritize recognition that works for every team, including sales and recruiting. Celebrate team or individual successes on TVs and messaging apps (like MS Teams) with data visualization, league tables, videos, images, and rewards.

OneUp Sales Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include customizable dashboards for every team member to pull the most important metrics front and center, real-time leaderboards that pull live data from your tools to generate automated results, and custom triggers that launch celebrations across all network devices.

Integrations include Access Recruitment CRM, Aircall, Bullhorn CRM, HubSpot CRM, Jobadder, Loxo, Microsoft Dynamics 365, RingCentral, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Vincere.

Pricing One-Liner: From $545/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Continual customer support during onboarding

Easy to set up incentives for teams or individuals

Provides insight into missed opportunities


“Targets” feature is in beta and still a little clunky

In-depth functionality requires additional training



Best for micro-learning, behavioral nudges, and virtual training

Free trial available

Custom pricing available

As a sales enablement and learning platform, Master-O utilizes gamification for better training and onboarding for your team. Interactive courses with fun quizzes and unique milestones ensure you can modify existing content to personalize every learning path with bite-sized portions for every member of your sales team — whether they’re brand new or veteran members.

Why I picked Master-O: This platform caught my eye because it helps sales managers plan to learn workflows for both virtual training and in-person learning with custom modules, feedback, and coaching to close skill gaps, improve product knowledge, and enhance sales competencies. It’s a useful tool for team members of all experience and skill levels.

Master-O Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include role-based sales enablement for personalized lessons and training, game-based assessment tools that provide details on skill gaps, and performance dashboards that allow sales reps to compare performance.

Integrations include Microsoft Teams, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SAP, as well as other third-party CRM, ERP, and LMS systems.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free trial available


Skill-based games, including product knowledge and selling skills

Easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface

Training is customized and digestible


Training is required to take full advantage of the system

Limited game style from skill to skill



Best for comprehensive sales management solutions

SetSail is a unique sales management solution because it’s built as a signal-based selling platform that interprets and centralizes data across your tools and teams. With all this data, SetSail can detect activities and trends among your top performers to drive those winning behaviors throughout your organization. Driven by AI and behavioral science, SetSail transforms sales data into buying signals.

Why I picked SetSail: I like this tool because it provides your managers with insights that improve your sales team performance, showing you which reps are falling behind to help you address issues early, scorecards with rep performance for real-time feedback, and account health according to custom metrics and milestones. With AI-driven analytics, you can enjoy enhanced visibility across your organization.

SetSail Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include custom weekly SPIFF creation to incentivize reps to complete high-value activities, public leaderboards to showcase high performers and encourage sales from lower-ranked team members, and guided coaching based on personal sales activities.

Integrations include Chorus, Gmail, Gong, Google Calendar, Microsoft Dynamics, Outreach, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SalesLoft, and Zoom.

Pricing One-Liner: Custom pricing available

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Simple and straightforward user interface

Contest timelines are customizable for daily, weekly, and monthly competitions

Dedicated account support team


Limited self-service customization options

KPI and metrics tracking could be more accurate



Best for sales incentive software for retailers with frontline teams

Purpose-built for specialty retailers, CPG brands, and restaurants, SparkPlug is ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses with POS systems. Once connected, SparkPlug can automate every aspect of implementing and scaling your new incentive program with managed payouts, trade promotion tools, and vendor-sponsored sales incentives for employees.

Why I picked SparkPlug: This platform made my list because it has features that address the needs of frontline salespeople. SparkPlug is unique for its restaurant-oriented solutions, which encourage the sales of target products, like appetizers, drinks, weekly specials, and other high-margin menu items. SparkPlug also automates payouts and leaderboard tracking.

SparkPlug Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include payout via virtual wallet that employees can cash out through Venmo, Visa gift card, or ACH, direct integration with your POS system for real-time updates, and purpose-built incentives specifically for retail and restaurant employees.

Integrations include Alleaves, Biotrack, Blaze, Cova, Flowhub, Dutchie, LeafLogix, Meadow, Revel, Square, and Toast. SparkPlug’s API connects you securely to any POS for seamless integration.

Pricing One-Liner: From $199/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free plans available


Quick and easy implementation

Friendly and knowledgeable customer support

User-friendly for managers and salespeople


Vendor-sponsored incentives can be clunky

No chat function for customer support


Xoxoday Compass

Best gamification tool with financial rewards and incentives

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
226 reviews

Free demo available

Pricing upon request

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Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

Other Options

I’ve seen a lot of different types of sales gamification software options. And even though not all of them made my main list, some of them definitely deserve an honorable mention. Check out a few of these other options to decide if they’re the right fit for you:

  1. Zoho CRM

    Best for strategizing team success through KPIs in a comprehensive CRM

  2. Plecto

    Best for real-time dashboards and instant notifications of ranking changes

  3. Bunchball Nitro

    Best cloud-based tool for enterprise

  4. Level Eleven

    Best for simple contest creation in just a few clicks

  5. Cloudapps Revenue Intelligence

    Best for AI-driven motivational gamification

  6. CaptivateIQ

    Best for improving team performance through commission transparency

  7. Centrical

    Best gamification platform with automated coaching and feedback

  8. Everstage

    Best for customized incentive plan designing with templates

  9. Ambition

    Best for driving personalized development with Coaching Cadences

Selection Criteria For Sales Gamification Software 

For a short summary of what selection and evaluation criteria I used to narrow down my list of top sales gamification software, read on:

Core Functionality

To qualify as sales gamification software, these tools have to have a few core functionalities, including:

  • Customizable solutions that can motivate your sales representatives
  • Reward structure that may include badges, points, or other metrics
  • Public rankings that track performance across all teams
  • Analytics that can track employee behavior based on sales data
  • Communication with other tools in your tech stack

Key Features

Here are some of the key features you’ll see repeated in all the platforms on my list:

  • Achievement highlights: These will be gamification tools that recognize individuals or teams that are doing outstanding work. You’ll be able to highlight team accomplishments with slideshows, notifications, and other displays to acknowledge a job well done.
  • Custom incentives: Achievement highlights will be paired with incentives that you can customize in the app, such as gifts, vacations, cash bonuses, digital badges, or other rewards.
  • Leaderboards: Whether they’re public or private, you should be able to rank team performance on an individual level to visualize progress and success in real-time. Some leaderboards may be points-based, deal-based, or revenue-based.
  • Milestone tracking: There are many ways to show sales reps that you appreciate their work, and milestone tracking is an essential tool in your arsenal. You can track the “firsts” in any employee’s career, like completing training or their first deal.
  • Custom sales contests: Another tool to ensure employee engagement, a contest is a short-term event that incentivizes employees to reach a specific goal. Gamification software will allow you to create a competition to track exactly what you want.
  • Dashboards: You want your managers to see sales rep behavior and activities and you want your salespeople to quickly access their to-do list and track their own metrics. With customized dashboards, everyone on your team can configure their own priorities.
  • Mobile notifications: With a mobile app, your sales tools are accessible wherever employees happen to be. They can get updates on rankings, competitions, and contests anywhere.


With all these tools at your fingertips, making sure they’re easy to learn and simple to use was definitely a priority. You’ll find that the tools on my list have a low barrier to entry for both managers and salespeople or offer robust training tools and customer support to navigate more complex needs.

Software Integrations

In order to pull sales data and populate leaderboards and contest rankings in real-time, sales gamification software must integrate with your other tools seamlessly. Many of these tools will integrate with multiple apps so you can pull data from calls, emails, and other customer interactions. You’ll see the most popular integrations for each platform listed in their summary to ensure it’s usable within your existing tech stack.


There is a massive range of offered features among sales gamification software that dictates their pricing. Some platforms offer free plans with limited features for small teams, while others may charge as much as $2,000/month for enterprise-grade services.

I’ve listed the pricing for each platform and indicated which ones offer custom plans based on your needs. Some platforms won’t provide pricing without specific details about organization size, so you’ll need to reach out to get a personalized quote.

People Also Ask

Still need a few more details before making your decision? Dive into this FAQ to find out more about sales gamification.

Other Revenue Operations Software

Besides gamification solutions, there are a few other tools you can use to drive team engagement and enhance your sales process. Take a look at some of these options:

Final Thoughts

After reviewing my list, I hope you were able to find software with the right gamification features to fit your organization. If you’re looking for even more ways to manage, track, or motivate team members, I recommend you sign up for the RevOps newsletter to get weekly insights straight to your inbox.

By Phil Gray

Philip Gray is the COO of Black and White Zebra and Founding Editor of The RevOps Team. A business renaissance man with his hands in many departmental pies, he is an advocate of centralized data management, holistic planning, and process automation. It's this love for data and all things revenue operations landed him the role as resident big brain for The RevOps Team.

With 10+ years of experience in leadership and operations in industries that include biotechnology, healthcare, logistics, and SaaS, he applies a considerable broad scope of experience in business that lets him see the big picture. An unapologetic buzzword apologist, you can often find him double clicking, drilling down, and unpacking all the things.