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With so many different presales software available, figuring out which is right for you is tough. You know you want to help your presales teams prepare for and manage customer engagements effectively but need to figure out which tool is best. I've got you! In this post I'll help make your choice easy, sharing my personal experiences using dozens of different presales tools with various teams and prospects, with my picks of the best presales software.

What Is Presales Software?

Presales software is a business tool that supports the early stages of the sales cycle, including activities like lead qualification, solution development, and proposal creation. It equips presales teams with functionalities for managing potential leads, automating proposal generation, and configuring products or services to meet client needs. This software integrates with customer relationship management systems and offers collaboration and communication tools, streamlining the preparatory phase before actual sales begin.

The benefits of presales software include improved efficiency in identifying and prioritizing high-quality leads, leading to a more focused and effective sales approach. It simplifies the process of creating customized proposals, saving time and resources. By facilitating better understanding and tailoring of solutions to client needs, the software enhances the potential for successful sales outcomes. Additionally, it promotes collaboration among team members and provides data-driven insights, aiding in strategic decision-making and increasing overall sales productivity.

Overviews Of The 10 Best Presales Software

When you jump into these overviews, you can expect to see a brief summary of the platform, its standout features, a few of the most popular integrations, and a snapshot of the tool’s inner workings. I’ve also included a few pros and cons that can help you narrow down the right tool for your needs more quickly.

Best for qualifying, routing, and scheduling leads from anywhere

  • Free demo available
  • From $30/user/month + $150 platform fee
Visit Website
Rating: 4.7/5

Built to be a meeting lifecycle automation platform, Chili Piper helps your revenue operations team connect with potential customers faster through automated qualifying, routing, and scheduling that integrates and syncs directly with your CRM, campaigns, G2 page, web form, or cold calls.

Why I picked Chili Piper: This tool was an essential addition to my list because of a feature called Handoff. With Handoff, sales teams with SDRs and AEs can connect buyers with reps right away — whether you need to use location and company size rules-based routing or you simply want to ensure fairness through round-robin routing.

Chili Piper Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include Concierge, which allows sales reps to qualify leads directly from your web form, and Instant Booker to schedule one-click meetings with prospects.

Integrations include Act-On, Candu, Chameleon, Drift, G2, HubSpot, LeadPages, Marketo, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce.

Pricing One-Liner: From $22.50/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Easy to set up and use

Intuitive navigation and learning process

Responsive customer service team


Integrations can be complex to set up

Some issues with time zone scheduling

Best for building seller knowledge and encouraging winning behaviors

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing starts from $20/user/month.
Visit Website
Rating: 4.7/5

This sales enablement platform is built to help sales managers and reps track everything they need to know about products and services with key learning skills, coaching, and career updates. Ensure sales readiness when you integrate with other online training tools to develop a comprehensive training platform that standardizes product knowledge.

Why I picked MindTickle: This tool looks like a very useful presales software option because you can measure the impact of individualized training through mapping to revenue to see outcomes. Understand which specific skills are driving the results you want and apply them across your entire organization.

MindTickle Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include AI-driven skills reinforcement and practice exercises and seller-centric enablement programs that are personalized to each sales rep.

Integrations include Aircall, Cognota, Go1, IBM Cloud, Mediafly, Okta, Salesforce, SAML, Seismic, and Veeva.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo is available


Consistent updates and product improvement

Offers out-of-the-box modules and templates

Easy user interface design


Analytics and reporting is a little basic

No heat map data visualization

Best for integrating tech, data, and logistics on a global scale

  • Free demo
  • Available upon request
Visit Website
Rating: 4.6/5

With direct email automation, worldwide fulfillment and inventory management, seamless integrations, and intelligent analytics, Sendoso is designed to enable any organization to streamline account-based marketing and enhance the customer experience from one unified platform.

Why I picked Sendoso: This presales platform made my list because it offers intelligent sending that targets key people and accounts with personalized direct messages that address their needs. Whether you’re choosing a gift yourself or asking the experts at Sendoso to do it for you, this platform delivers a unique way to connect with buyers.

Sendoso Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include worldwide logistics to store and manage inventory and a globally curated marketplace that allows you to send physical gifts, branded merchandise, e-gifts, virtual experiences, or philanthropy.

Integrations include 6Sense, Accelerate Media, ActiveCampaign,, Bombara, Calendly, Enboarder, Groove, HubSpot, and Microsoft Azure.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Very user friendly platform

Amazing customer support team

Easy to navigate the platform


Onboarding can be a little challenging

No editing an order after submission

Visit WebsiteOpens new window

Best for taking a user-first approach to software adoption

  • Free demo
  • From $2-3000/annually
Visit Website
Rating: 4.5/5

Walkme is a digital adoption platform (DAP) that sits on your tech stack to provide you with visibility into your team’s software usage at every level. With this platform, you get a people-first experience that strives to ensure a frictionless experience across every app and workflow to improve adoption, reduce risk, and enhance employee engagement.

Why I picked Walkme: The feature that stood out to me the most here is the Change Management tool. With Change Management, you can create and implement a digital adoption plan for new software with guides, reminders, and encouragement to ensure your team is using new software.

Walkme Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include Walkme AI for AI-driven recommendations and auto-generated user experiences, as well as cross-system automation to drive product adoption.

Integrations include AlayaCare, Google Analytics, Intercom, LiveAgent, Okta, Olark, Salesforce, Segment, Slack, and Zendesk Suite.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


No need to be tech savvy

Encourages a DIY mentality

User interface is easy to use


Not as scalable for user customizations

Some glitches that require refreshing

Best for AI-powered presales activities

  • Free demo available
  • From $100/user/month

As a leading provider of presales software, Vivun focuses on providing an AI-powered platform with a variety of solutions for your operational needs, including demo automation, sales and product team alignment, and risk assessment. Vivun is designed to help you do more with fewer resources through AI automation.

Why I picked Vivun: This tool made my list because of its AI-driven sales demo creation and sharing features. With demo automation through Vivun, you enjoy simple editing to on-screen data to create the perfect story and describe product value with engaging video and text elements in a no-code demo environment.

Vivun Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include SE Copilot to optimize, automate, and align your entire sales process and Hero Score, which gives you a deeper view of deal risks.

Integrations include AutoCAD, Drone, Fivetran, Google Calendar, Okta, Seismic, SpotIQ, Twilio, and Xactly Incent.

Pricing One-Liner: From $100/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Easy adoption for all teams

Simple software integration process

Supportive client success team


Has a slightly clunky user interface

Limited report customization and value

Best for combining all the tools you need to create high-impact virtual environments

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request

Cloudshare is a sales enablement and presales platform that was designed to help you keep up with an increasingly fast-paced digital world. This platform focuses on helping you build demos faster, spin up complicated POC environments with a few clicks, and provide channel partners with what they need to train, sell, and demo products and services.

Why I picked Cloudshare: The feature that stood out to me the most here was the powerful analytics that can be set up to track the KPIs that matter to you the most. When you monitor those metrics in real time, you get live analytics with actionable insights, notifications delivered to your inbox on a regular basis, and prospect engagement measurement to reduce churn.

Cloudshare Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include live experience-level analytics for leveraging information in real time and custom, no-code POC creation for engaging product tours.

Integrations include Docebo, Google Cloud, Google Sheets, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and Webhooks. This platform offers a RESTful API so you can integrate with your LMS as well.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Lots of no-code customization and editing options

Quick and simple navigation

User-friendly interface


Platform can slow down depending on internet connectivity

Limited options for adjusting screen resolution

Best for guiding, coaching, and training reps on winning sales behaviors

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request

As a sales enablement-focused platform, HighSpot targets high adoption rates through simplified navigation and useful tools. With this platform, you can combine content management, training and coaching, customer engagement, actionable analytics, and contextual guidance into one to help go-to-market teams deliver a more unified buying experience.

Why I picked HighSpot: What caught my eye about this platform was its focus on training and guiding reps. HighSpot offers training tools that are fully embedded into your workflow to ensure in-context training that helps your sales team respond to customers more appropriately. HighSpot also delivers guidance that suggests what your reps should say, do, or show next to close deals.

HighSpot Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include sales content management that organizes and updates your resource libraries in real time and sales training that bridges the gap between sales strategy and execution.

Integrations include Alfresco, BlueJeans, Gong, Google, Klue, Microsoft, Salesforce, SalesLoft, Slack, and Turtl. HighSpot offers over 80 native integrations.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Intuitive user interface and navigation

Easy to learn how to use

Integrates easily with the most popular apps


Implementation can be arduous

Pricing is a bit on the higher side

Best for building product demos in just 10 minutes

  • Free plan available
  • From $50/user/month

As a cloud-based demo platform, Storylane focuses on helping businesses of all sizes optimize sales enablement through customized product demonstrations. With personalized, automated demo creation, you can create a demo, edit without any coding required, include interactive guides, publish your content, or share it via a link.

Why I picked Storylane: The reason this platform caught my attention was due to how easy their demo building tool was to use. Their editor requires no coding and allows you to click directly into the content to edit text, blur sensitive data, embed images, change graphs, and add charts.

Storylane Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include demo engagement tracking that allows you to clone successes and an AI demo builder assistant that can improve and translate guides into 25 languages.

Integrations include Google Analytics, HubSpot, Intercom, Marketo Engage, Microsoft Dynamics, Pardot, Salesforce, Segment, Slack, and Zapier.

Pricing One-Liner: From $50/user/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free plan available


Very easy to use

Focuses on streamlining demo creation

Has a free plan option


HTML editing can be a little tricky

Some technical bugs and glitches

Best for solutions that address SE, SC, and SA needs

  • 15-day free trial + free plan available
  • From $27month (3 users)

This presales workspace is designed for sales leaders, as well as SE, SC, and SAs. With Homerun, you can enjoy a single place for tracking, organizing, managing, and informing all presales efforts through a focus on productivity, visibility, and collaboration. Homerun is both GDPR compliant and SOC2 certified.

Why I picked Homerun: I like this platform because it addresses the needs of various levels of your organization in one place, including solutions that ensure you’re standardizing your presales processes and defining POC/POV test cases. You can use the templates to ensure best practices or tailor any plan to custom-fit the deal as needed.

Homerun Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include automated activity tracking to gain visibility into sales rep workload and notifications that alert you to time-sensitive next steps.

Integrations include AHA!, Dynamics 365, GitHub, HubSpot, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Okta, Productboard, Salesforce, and Slack.

Pricing One-Liner: From $31/month

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo available


Easy to use

Incredibly intuitive navigation

Very low barrier for entry


It's a newer product that hasn’t reached its full potential

Requires support during implementation

Best for turning customer interactions into strategic insights

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that strives to provide you with a deep and accurate understanding of every customer interaction. With the data to make better business decisions, you can improve efficiency, customer experiences, and product design. Gong uses proprietary AI technology to analyze customer interactions for more successful outcomes.

Why I picked Gong: The reason this platform stood out to me was its collaborative forecasting, which uses AI and data-backed pipeline inspection. You don’t have to rely on sales rep notes to get alerts about new risks to a deal, so you can respond faster with solutions to upcoming issues. Gong will tell you exactly what the issue is so you can deal with it in the right way.

Gong Standout Features and Integrations

Standout features include Gong Insights to enrich critical reports, Gong AI to customize automation and guidance, and forecasting tools to catch unseen risks to deals.

Integrations include Gainsight, Highspot, HubSpot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Outreach, Salesforce, Slack, Vidyard, Workato, and Zoom.

Pricing One-Liner: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial One-Liner: Free demo is available


Easy to use the platform

Very accurate voice transcription

Intuitive to navigate dashboard and tools


Takes notes in third person

Limited digital training materials

Tools Price
Chili Piper From $30/user/month + $150 platform fee
MindTickle Pricing starts from $20/user/month.
Sendoso Available upon request
WalkMe From $2-3000/annually
Vivun From $100/user/month
CloudShare Pricing upon request
Highspot Pricing upon request
Storylane From $50/user/month
Homerun From $27month (3 users)
Gong Pricing upon request
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Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

Other Options

My list wouldn’t be complete without a few of these other presales software options. Check out my list of honorable mentions here.

Selection Criteria For Presales Software 

Here’s a short summary of the main selection and evaluation criteria I used to develop my list of the best presales software for this article:

Core Functionality

There are several different types of presales software that are designed to help streamline your workflow, including CRM, order management, quoting, analytics, and contract management. All of these handle different aspects of your sales process with unique tools and functionalities. However, you can expect some consistency in the performance they offer, including:

  • Automation
  • Visibility
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Reporting

Key Features

No matter which presales software you end up choosing, you should consider these key features to ensure they support your presales activities appropriately:

  • Opportunity tracking: This presales software feature empowers your sales reps to easily access customer data in one single place and track opportunities throughout their sales cycle. You can use this tool to analyze metrics, like close times and conversion rates, to create a better sales playbook.
  • Quoting and pricing: Optimization for quoting, contracts, and pricing reduces manual labor and allows your sales team to generate accurate quotes and contracts for clients much more quickly. These tools often have customizable templates that automatically input essential customer information.
  • Lead management: This type of tool is meant to enable your business to capture leads automatically from a variety of sources, including contact forms, websites, social media, and ads. You can also use it to track customer engagement, store contact information, and assign new leads to the right sales reps for follow-ups and sales pitches.
  • Document management: Whether it’s document storage or sharing, you need a platform that allows sales reps to safely store sensitive documents from a variety of sources in one location and share those with other stakeholders at will.
  • Analytics and reporting: With presales solutions that focus on analytics, you get enhanced insights into sales performance and customer behavior in order to make data-driven decisions. Tracking key metrics and KPIs can surface missed opportunities and suggest next steps in your sales operations.


When adding new software to your tech stack, you’re always looking for something that’s easy to implement and simple to learn. While some tools offer a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, others make onboarding easy with robust customer support and training modules. I prioritized those tools that focused on simplifying the learning process for you.

Software Integrations

Because your operations depend on accurate data, sharing information between your digital platforms is critical. Look at each overview to see which popular integrations are available for these platforms. Some offer native integrations, open API, or connections through Zapier.


With such a vast range of tools and capabilities, presales software will also offer a large range of pricing options. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50/month to $350/month for access to essential tools. Some platforms offer customized plans that vary in pricing in order to meet your specific needs.

People Also Ask

Wondering what else you need to know about presales software? Check out this FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

What are the benefits of presales software?

Presales software is designed to offer a number of benefits for every use case, including:

  • Increased efficiency with automation for a number of sales processes that help your team manage their workload by eliminating repetitive tasks, like proposal creation or customer follow-ups.
  • Enhanced visibility through an overview of every customer’s journey from beginning to end that helps your sales reps comprehend the needs of each customer. You can also track trends over time for insights into customer responses to different offers.
  • Better team collaboration with communication tools that provide avenues to send messages between sales reps, different departments, and different locations within your organization.
  • Streamlined performance management with metrics tracking that keeps you up-to-date on the most essential KPIs for your business, including conversion rates, win rates, and close rates. Your sales managers can easily monitor team progress and goals.

Who uses presales software?

Many teams in your organization may find presales software incredibly useful, including:

  • Sales representatives who need to create and manage leads, proposals, and sales records
  • Financial teams who use this software to run simulations and analyze data for issues and risk
  • Marketing teams who need more insights into customer buying habits to optimize campaigns
  • Project managers who need presales software to set up project plans, monitor progress, and assign tasks to various team members
  • Customer service representatives who can use presales software to respond quickly to customer questions
  • Product managers who need to develop PRDs and create product roadmaps to identify areas of improvement for existing products

What steps are included in presales?

The set of presales activities that happen before you actually acquire a customer may include the following steps:

  1. Doing market research
  2. Finding and qualifying leads
  3. Analyzing the data of prospective clients
  4. Creating proposal requests
  5. Developing buyer personas
  6. Conducting discovery calls
  7. Exploring a competitor analysis
  8. Building presentations and demos
  9. Writing scripts and playbooks
  10. Identifying potential problems and resolving

You determine the order in which these steps must be completed based on your needs, existing tools, and workflow.

Other Sales Software

If my list of presales software wasn’t enough to round out your tech stack, you may want to explore these additional platforms for more advanced sales tools:

What Now?

I’ve given you a lot to think about with these software overviews, but what should you do now? Consider which of these tools fills a hole in your presales activities, like content management or demo automation, and choose two or three that fit in with your budget and integrations. Reach out to start a trial or get a free demo to see how these tools would function within your workflow.

If you’re looking for even more tool overviews, start with those that I’ve listed above, but don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog for the most up-to-date information. Or, sign up for the RevOps newsletter to get expert insights into current trends right to your inbox!

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