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As a leader of a nonprofit organization, your focus is on how to drive your mission forward and build stronger relationships with supporters. Constituent relationship management (CRM) software helps you do just that. These tools help you build your community, organize fundraising activities, and nurture relationships with major donors. To help you find the best nonprofit CRM software for your unique business needs, I’ve compiled this list of the top picks for 2023.

Best Nonprofit CRM Software Shortlist

These are the best nonprofit CRM software options that made it onto my shortlist:

  1. Neon CRM - Best with a website builder add-on
  2. Sumac - Best CRM in a suite of nonprofit software
  3. Hivebrite - Best for an active, engaged community
  4. Bloomerang - Best pre-built user dashboard
  5. DonorDock - Best CRM and fundraising software combined
  6. Kindful - Best with donor wealth insights
  7. DonorPerfect - Best for Canadian nonprofit organizations
  8. Little Green Light - Best with a customizable dashboard
  9. Aplos - Best CRM for nonprofits and churches
  10. Virtuous - Best for real-time recommendations

What is Nonprofit CRM Software?

CRM tools for nonprofits can be thought of as constituent relationship management software. Like traditional customer relationship management (CRM) software, the cloud-based systems store contact data, automate marketing tasks, and provide reporting and analytics dashboards. However, nonprofit CRMs focus on managing relationships with donors, volunteers, funders, and other constituents, as opposed to customers specifically.

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Overviews of the 10 Best Nonprofit CRM Software

Here are my overviews of the best nonprofit CRM software that made it into the shortlist. I’ve covered details about each product’s standout features and integrations and best use case. I also added screenshots of the software’s user interface to give you a feel for each tool.

1. Neon CRM - Best with a website builder add-on

neon crm nonprofit crm software screenshot
Timeline views provide a historical overview of donor relationships for nonprofit organizations.

Neon CRM is a Neon One product designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. The software has contact management, workflow automation, revenue management, and reporting capabilities.

Why I picked Neon CRM: Contact information for a nonprofit’s donors can be stored in the software’s donor database. The timeline view feature gives a historical overview of donor relationships. Users can manage their fundraising and various revenue streams in the platform and build custom landing pages with flexible donation forms. Marketing outreach and communications and custom reporting dashboards can also be managed through the CRM.

This CRM is one of a few products developed for nonprofits by Neon One. The company also provides a CRM specifically for associations and a website building tool, which can be purchased separately or in combination with the CRM. Nonprofit organizations interested in these other tools could benefit from combining them.

Neon CRM Standout Features and Integrations

Features include donor timelines, multi-stream revenue management, over 40 pre-built reports, customizable dashboards, donation pages and forms, email segmentation, payment processing (credit, debit, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay), PCI compliance, event management, and volunteer management.

Integrations include EventBrite, Fundraise Up, Fundraising KIT, Grassroots Unwired, KindKatch, Mailchimp, OverflowTaxJar, QuickBooks, VolunteerLocal, Windfall Data, and more.

Price: From $99/month

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Can be combined with other Neon One products
  • Unlimited ticketing support with every plan
  • Additional training and consulting for $150/h
  • Setup and onboarding can be cumbersome
  • No calendar display for events web pages

2. Sumac - Best CRM in a suite of nonprofit software

sumac nonprofit crm software screenshot
The software stores contact information for donors, funders, volunteers, members, and more.

Sumac CRM helps facilitate contact management, email marketing, and fundraising operations for nonprofits. It’s one tool in a suite of Silent Partner Software products.

Why I picked Sumac: This software stores a nonprofit’s contact information for constituents, including donors, members, clients, funders, and volunteers. You can build segmented lists to target various groups of contacts with communications using the email template builder. The software’s reporting tools help users measure success.

Several product add-ons are available from the company, including tools to manage donations, memberships, web forms, grants, volunteers, and more. Many of these tools can also be purchased as independent software solutions. This makes for a flexible and scalable suite of software products.

Sumac Standout Features and Integrations

Features include contact database, email template builder, hundreds of pre-built reports, customizable reports, contact segmentation, phone and email support, workflow management, communication tracking, and reminders.

Integrations include Amazon Web Services, Constant Contact, Google Calendar, iATS, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, and Stripe.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • On-demand training with every plan
  • Phone, email, and product portal support
  • Personalized customer onboarding
  • Slightly outdated user interface
  • Frequent software updates that require system restarts

3. Hivebrite - Best for an active, engaged community

hivebrite nonprofit crm software screenshot
The community-building platform serves as an alternative to traditional CRM software.

Hivebrite is an online community platform that’s suitable as a CRM solution for nonprofit organizations with highly engaged and active communities.

Why I picked Hivebrite: Nonprofits can import existing community member data into the platform, and set up custom profiles to be filled out by new members when they join. Based on various contact data points, users can send targeted communications out through the software. Community content can be managed in the platform, including member-published content and host-published documents and files.

Nonprofits can plan and manage events using the software, with features like a calendar, ticketing, and online payments. The news feed allows nonprofits to keep their audience updated on news and events. Although different from traditional CRM software, this tool works for nonprofit organizations that have engaged communities of volunteers, donors, or other constituents.

Hivebrite Standout Features and Integrations

Features include member profiles, contact data import and export, news feed, segmented communications, email campaigns, media center, member-published content, event calendar, online payments, event ticketing, analytics and reporting, and a mobile app.

Integrations can be configured using the software’s API.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Facilitates community-building
  • YouTube channel with webinars and advice
  • Intuitive, friendly user interface
  • Not a traditional CRM tool
  • Integrations must be custom-configured

4. Bloomerang - Best pre-built user dashboard

bloomerang nonprofit crm software screenshot
The software’s dashboard gives an overview of fundraising activity, to-dos, and recently viewed profiles and reports.

Bloomerang is a donor management software that nonprofit businesses can use to collect donations, nurture donor relationships, automate repetitive tasks, and measure the impact of their work.

Why I picked Bloomerang: Users can track and manage their relationships with donors and other constituents in the software. The platform’s dashboard provides an overview of fundraising activity, recently viewed reports and constituent profiles, and assigned tasks. Constituent profiles have a timeline overview of their activity history, and the software provides an engagement score for each contact.

The software has a filter-based reporting system where you can build custom reports or draw from the templates provided. A letter editor is accessible in the system that functions similarly to Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Mass emails can be sent through the platform, and users can manage their social media posting as well.

Bloomerang Standout Features and Integrations

Features include constituent profiles with timelines and engagement level indicator, letter editor with readability testing, bulk email send, social media management tools, task assignment, supporter surveys, reporting templates, filter-based reporting, and website forms.

Integrations include Aplos, DonorSearch, Firespring, Fundraise Up, Gratavid, Mailchimp, Qgiv, QuickBooks, and TrueGivers. An API is available and users can connect the software with Zapier to access additional integrations.

Price: From $79/month, billed annually

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Bloomerang Academy self-serve training
  • Optional online giving tools add-on
  • Optional payment processing add-on
  • Customizing donor forms requires HTML knowledge
  • No end-user accounts for donor self-management

5. DonorDock - Best CRM and fundraising software combined

donordock nonprofit crm software screenshot
Donor profiles give you an overview of their engagement, activity, and donation history.

DonorDock is CRM and fundraising software for nonprofit organizations based in North America. It facilitates online donations, email marketing, event management, and analytics reporting.

Why I picked DonorDock: This software combines CRM functionality with fundraising management tools. Users can store donor contact information, keep records of donor activity, and manage their email marketing efforts using the software. They can also process online donations, manage fundraising campaigns, and send automatic receipts, thank you notes, and annual giving statements to donors.

Nonprofits that want to house their donor relationship management and fundraising activities in a single platform will benefit from this software’s functionality. The software helps you switch from your current system by bulk importing contacts and migrating data.

DonorDock Standout Features and Integrations

Features include unlimited contacts, membership reports, task tracking, call tracking, activity timelines, contact merging, fundraising dashboard, custom report builder, donation processing (credit card, PayPal, and Stripe), campaign management, drag-and-drop letter editor, letter and email templates, and email scheduling.

Integrations include Classy, Double the Donation, OneCause, PayPal, and Stripe. A paid Zapier account unlocks access to additional software integrations.

Price: From $59/month, with a $99 one-time startup fee

Free Trial: Free plan available

  • Unlimited contact records with all plans
  • Migration from other software provided
  • Intuitive, friendly user interface
  • Limited customization of donor data
  • One-time onboarding fee with all paid plans

6. Kindful - Best with donor wealth insights

kindful nonprofit crm software screenshot
The software stores contact information, donation history, and wealth insights for all of your donors.

Kindful is a fundraising and donor management software created by Bloomerang. The platform has CRM tools, donor communication tools, and reporting capabilities in addition to its fundraising functionality.

Why I picked Kindful: Nonprofit organizations can manage donor contact records in the software. Donor lifecycle dashboards provide a comprehensive history of each donor’s relationship with the business, and donor wealth insights are provided. Communications can be managed with list building and software integrations to various email marketing tools, as well as communication histories in every donor profile.

The fundraising functionality of the platform covers building donation pages and embeddable donation buttons for web pages. Wealth insights for each donor inform users of their giving history, business interests, and even political and charitable support activity. Users can leverage this data in their fundraising efforts.

Kindful Standout Features and Integrations

Features include custom contact data fields, donor lifecycle dashboards, donor wealth insights, contact duplicate finder, unlimited custom email and letter templates, peer and crowdfunding pages, recurring giving, event registration and ticketing, and reporting and analytics tools.

Integrations include Constant Contact, DonorSearch, Double the Donation, Eventbrite, Fundraise Up, Mailchimp, PayPal, Qgiv, QuickBooks, Shopify, Square, and Stripe. The software also integrates with Zapier, which can unlock additional integrations.

Price: From $119/month

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • CRM and fundraising tools in the same platform
  • Unlimited users and donation pages with every plan
  • Dozens of native software integrations available
  • Customer support is only available by chat or email
  • Analytics and reporting features are limited

7. DonorPerfect - Best for Canadian nonprofit organizations

donorperfect nonprofit crm software screenshot
The software’s dashboard displays information about donor accounts, revenue, and reports.

DonorPerfect is a nonprofit CRM and fundraising software developed in Montreal, Canada. The software hosts its data in Canada, offers bilingual support, and bills customers in Canadian dollars.

Why I picked DonorPerfect: Users can store all their contact data in the software’s constituent database. Targeted communications are facilitated with filter-based list building for bulk email and text message sends. Personalized video messages can be recorded and sent to thank major donors, and performance metrics can be tracked using the analytics tools.

For nonprofit organizations operating in Canada, the software’s donor receipt tools follow standards set by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Receipts and acknowledgements can be issued in English or French, and email receipts are encrypted. All data is hosted in Canada.

DonorPerfect Standout Features and Integrations

Features include contact segmentation, email and SMS communications, multichannel outreach, donation forms, fundraising event management, payment processing, over 70 standardized reports, custom reporting, analytics dashboard, and a mobile app.

Integrations include Constant Contact, DonorSearch, Double the Donation, FormPlus, Givecloud, QGiv, QuickBooks, ReadySetAuction, Volunteer Matrix, and Windfall. The software also has an open API to connect to other tools.

Price: From $129 CAD/month

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Live training available with all plans
  • On-demand training videos and webinars
  • Friendly, easy to navigate user interface
  • Some integrations and features cost an additional fee
  • Donation forms have limited customization 

8. Little Green Light - Best with a customizable dashboard

little green light nonprofit crm software screenshot
Users can create detailed constituent profiles and facilitate online donations with the software.

Little Green Light is donor management software that also facilitates online donations for nonprofit organizations.

Why I picked Little Green Light: This software manages not only donors but various constituents, with volunteer management and member management functionality. Constituent profiles store contact information, donation history, volunteer hours, and relationship data. Users can set reminders and assign tasks connected with specific constituents. 

A customizable dashboard greets you in the platform with whatever information you deem most relevant. The software can also be used to produce grant proposals, produce letters and track mail, and generate customized reports on various business metrics.

Little Green Light Standout Features and Integrations

Features include constituent profiles, gifting history, volunteer management, membership management, data import and export, list creation, customized mailings, document storage, online donation forms, payment processing (Stripe, PayPal, and ProPay), and reporting analytics.

Integrations include Constant Contact, CourseStorm, DonorSearch, Fundraising Report Card, Mailchimp, PayPal, QuickBooks, Webhooks, WooCommerce, WordPress, and WuFoo. Zapier can also be connected to the software to access additional integrations.

Price: From $45/month

Free Trial: 30-day free trial available

  • Bi-weekly live Q&A webinars
  • All features come with all plans
  • Data migration from current system
  • Transaction fees for online donation processing
  • Reporting can be cumbersome to set up

9. Aplos - Best CRM for nonprofits and churches

aplos nonprofit crm software screenshot
You can store contact information for donors, church members, and volunteers in the software.

Aplos is software for both nonprofits and churches that helps organizations manage their finances, people, and donations in the same platform.

Why I picked Aplos: Whether your constituents are volunteers and donors or church members, you can store their contact and historical data in the software. Lists can be built to communicate with and manage groups or teams of people. The software also has accounting features to manage your organization’s finances, including goal and gift tracking.

This software can be used by community-based organizations and has a portal for community members. End-users can access their portal to manage meetings and events, view documents, and receive communications from your organization. The software also comes with a website builder and reporting dashboard.

Aplos Standout Features and Integrations

Features include contact database, constituent portal, list builder, group management, fund accounting, event management, online donation processing, recurring donations, over 70 pre-built reports, and email marketing tools.

Integrations include Bloomerang, Donorelf, Gusto Payroll, PayPal, and WePay. An API is also available to configure additional software integrations.

Price: From $99/month

Free Trial: 15-day free trial available

  • Bank-level security for accounting functionality
  • Weekly live training webinars and on-demand tutorials
  • Bookkeeping services are available (for a fee)
  • Takes some time to get familiar with the interface
  • Selecting from a large bank of reports can be overwhelming 

10. Virtuous - Best for real-time recommendations

virtuous nonprofit crm software screenshot
The software hosts donor and volunteer profiles and has marketing and event management tools.

Virtuous is nonprofit CRM software with fundraising, marketing, and event and volunteer management tools.

Why I picked Virtuous: You can store all of your donor information, manage memberships, and build flexible dashboards with the software. It also has task automation and smart real-time recommendations on actions to take based on donor history and wealth data. Email marketing, campaigns, and SMS communications can all be managed using the software. Users can also publish gated content through the system.

Beyond its CRM features, the software also has online donation management tools like custom forms and landing pages, and even a donor portal. Users can plan and manage fundraising events with the software, including day-of administration and attendee check-in. The software also has reporting capabilities to track performance indicators.

Virtuous Standout Features and Integrations

Features include donor profiles, customizable email templates, automated workflows, split-list testing, campaign management, event registration pages with individual and group registration, event check-in and attendee management, online donation forms, landing pages, donor portal, and payment processing (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal).

Integrations include Constant Contact, DonorSearch, Double the Donation, Eventbrite, Facebook, Fundraise Up, Google Suite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Webhooks, Wordpress, and Workday. Additional integrations can be configured using Zapier.

Price: From $400/month

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Responsive insights give real-time recommendations
  • More advanced email marketing tools than competitors
  • Smooth migration process from other systems
  • Onboarding comes at an additional cost
  • Somewhat busy interface, can be hard to navigate 

Other Options: Best Nonprofit CRM Long List

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the short list, here are some other nonprofit CRM software worth looking into:

  • Network for Good - Best for virtual event and auction tools
  • Keela - Best for guided user onboarding
  • StratusLIVE - Best for workplace giving fundraising
  • CauseVox - Best pledge now, pay later functionality
  • NetSuite - Best CRM as part of an ERP system
  • GiveGab - Best for medical industry nonprofits
  • UncommonGood - Best CRM with marketing design tools 

How I Selected the Best Nonprofit CRM Software

You might be wondering how I came up with this list. Having worked in revenue operations for a number of years, I’ve faced the challenges of finding good software solutions that deliver on their promises and truly support my workflow. Now, I curate lists like this one to help people like you find the best software for your needs!

To compile my list of the best nonprofit CRM software, I started with a long list of CRM platforms that had good user reviews. Then, I put together a list of evaluation criteria considering the specific needs of businesses in the nonprofit sector (see it below), and compared each tool based on these factors. I also kept an eye out for any standout features that would add extra value and made note of those in my overviews farther down.

Selection Criteria

To be sure I was evaluating fairly, I gave myself a list of selection criteria to look for in every nonprofit CRM platform. Here are the factors I used to measure each software.


Many of the tools on this list go beyond donor management software and have membership management tools, fundraising tools, and social media management tools. This type of all-in-one platform can be greatly beneficial to nonprofit organizations seeking to do more with less, so I made sure to highlight the full functionality of every software solution.


Considering the varying software functionality on this list, I made sure to look out for unique features that made certain platforms stand out from the rest. Things like peer fundraising tools, donation form builders, revenue tracking modules, and donor financial insights all caught my eye as I researched nonprofit CRMs. You can find a list of standout features alongside every overview on the list.


At mission-driven organizations, no one has time to fight with a software interface or weave their way through a navigation maze. As I tested the tools on this list, I paid attention to how user-friendly they were and how intuitive it was to find my way around them. Screenshots of user interfaces and any notable usability factors are included in my overviews.


Many of the tools connect with email marketing software like Mailchimp, financial software like QuickBooks, and marketing automation tools like Salesforce and HubSpot. A list of each platform’s software and app integrations is included in the product overviews, so keep an eye out for whether a software will connect with your existing tech stack.


Budget is always a factor, and as a nonprofit organization you might well be looking for free CRM software rather than a paid option. Pricing information is included for every software on the list, as well as any free plans, demos, or trials available. Keep in mind some software is priced based on user count, while others are based on contact count, and others have flat monthly rates.

People Also Ask: Questions About Nonprofit CRM Software

For those of you who still have questions about CRM software for nonprofit organizations, here are a few FAQs and answers:

Achieve Your Goals With Nonprofit CRM Software

You’re on a mission—and your team should be able to focus on that, instead of sifting through spreadsheets and organizing the old-school way. Nonprofit CRM software can take your efforts to the next level and cut out the busywork that’s bogging you down. Build better donor relationships, keep your community updated and engaged, and double down on your fundraising efforts with a tool from this list.

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