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Best Real Estate CRM Software Shortlist 

This is the short list of the best real estate CRM software that I cover more in depth farther down in this article:

  1. Buildout - Best for commercial real estate brokers
  2. Wise Agent - Best with real estate marketing tools
  3. Lion Desk - Best for calling and texting leads
  4. Realvolve - Best for residential real estate teams
  5. Real Geeks - Best with a real-time activity feed
  6. Close CRM - Best for real estate small businesses
  7. Follow Up Boss - Best for real estate team collaboration
  8. Market Leader - Best for building a customized website
  9. CINC - Best all-in-one real estate software
  10. inside real estate - Best modular solution for enterprise

Customer relationship management is an integral part of any business, and for real estate agents and brokers, building relationships founded in trust is essential to your success. You make a lot of calls, send a lot of emails, and touch base with a lot of people in a day. It can be a lot to keep up with—and a lot to keep track of.

I’ve put together this list of the best real estate CRM software available to help you find your perfect match: a friendly sidekick to which you can outsource your reminders, deadlines, and deal details. Keep reading to find the best tool to suit your needs!

What is Real Estate CRM Software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software are systems that collect and store new lead data, track leads through the sales pipeline, and facilitate various marketing and customer support tasks.

In the context of real estate, CRM software helps you manage your calendar and appointments, keep up with your prospects and deal progress, and get the word out about your business. Whether you’re working in commercial real estate, residential real estate, or running a different kind of business in the real estate industry, a CRM can support your revenue operations and streamline your workflows.

Overviews of the 10 Best Real Estate CRM Software

This section provides a description of each real estate CRM software, its best use case, any noteworthy features, and pros and cons. A screenshot of each product’s interface is also included to give you a feel for the platform.

1. Buildout - Best for commercial real estate brokers

buildout real estate crm software screenshot
The software stores property and contact information, tracks deals across the pipeline, and provides reports.

Buildout is a real estate CRM software with prospecting, pipeline management, and reporting tools for commercial real estate brokers.

Why I picked Buildout: This CRM is built by commercial real estate (CRE) professionals, for commercial real estate professionals. Brokers can store customer and property information in the software and manage their sales pipeline with its drag-and-drop interface. The platform’s mapping tool with built-in commercial property data gives users the ability to view real estate properties and access key information.

Users can manage tasks and events related to customers in the software, and log notes on client activity to keep a historical record. The platform also has reporting dashboards that can be used to track deals, pipeline metrics, and more.

Buildout Standout Features and Integrations

Features include map view, built-in property data, visual pipeline builder, task and event management, reporting dashboard, and in-app help center and resource library.

Integration information not currently available.

Price: From $120/user/month

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Migrating existing data is quick and easy
  • Map view is helpful for managing properties
  • Personalized onboarding and setup
  • One-time setup fee of $250
  • Time consuming to set up custom fields 

2. Wise Agent - Best with real estate marketing tools

wise agent real estate crm software screenshot
Users can build email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and paper marketing collateral with the software.

Wise Agent is a CRM for real estate agents with contact, lead, and team management features as well as marketing tools.

Why I picked Wise Agent: This software’s contact management system comes with a referral tracking tool so agents can keep track of where leads come from and who their greatest promoters are. An AI bot automates lead qualification and follow-up, and can be customized with any name to fit an agency’s branding. Teams can benefit from using the software because of its time management, calendar, and task management features

Real estate teams can manage email drip campaigns, custom landing pages, and SMS communications with the software. It can also host a content library, and users can manage their digital advertising in the system. Paper marketing collateral like flyers and postcards can also be created through the software.

Wise Agent Standout Features and Integrations

Features include referral tracking, AI communication bot, automated lead qualification, calendar, task management, email campaigns, landing page builder, content library, and ad management.

Integrations include AgentFire, DocuSign, Evernote, GoDaddy, Google Workspace, HomeJunction, NorthstarMLS, Open Houses Direct, StellarMLS, Xpressdocs, Zillow, and more. Additional integrations can be configured with a paid Zapier account.

Price: From $32/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial available

  • Up to 5 users with custom permissions
  • Training and 24/7 customer support
  • Track the market with social media and blog readers
  • Additional cost for additional users
  • Limited number of emails that can be sent per day

3. Lion Desk - Best for calling and texting leads

lion desk real estate crm software screenshot
You can add unlimited custom tags to every contact record for sorting and filtering purposes.

Lion Desk offers a CRM for real estate agents with contact management, email and text management, and telephony features.

Why I picked Lion Desk: Contact profiles can be organized and managed in the software with unlimited tagging, whether it’s to indicate the lead source, qualifiers, or other factors. Teams can distribute leads automatically based on location with the software. Tasks can be assigned and reminders can be set to ensure timely follow-ups. The software integrates with Facebook Ads for lead generation using either pre-built or custom audiences.

Agents can increase their customer call volumes with the automated calling, power dialer, and click-to-call features. The software also has text advertising capabilities based on local area codes. Users can set up email and SMS drip campaigns with the platform’s pre-built templates or customized communication flows. 

Lion Desk Standout Features and Integrations

Features include unlimited tagging, automated lead distribution, task management, reminders, digital advertising, video email and SMS, landing page builder, texting manager, power dialer, and pre-built drip campaigns.

Integrations include ActivePipe,, CallAction, CBX Chrome extension, Cevado Technologies, LeadPops, ModernAgent, and Union Street Media. Additional integrations can be configured through API nation.

Price: From $39/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial available

  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Easy to import contacts from existing database
  • Drip campaigns are quick to set up
  • Lacking analytics and reporting tools
  • Feature-rich and takes time to learn

4. Realvolve - Best for residential real estate teams

realvolve real estate crm software screenshot
The software’s dashboard gives an overview of KPIs, contact sources, sales volume, and contact notes.

Realvolve is a CRM software for residential real estate agents and teams with contact and property management tools.

Why I picked Realvolve: Contact records store both personal and professional information, and notes and documents can be added to them. The software can also store property records that include image galleries, service records, and important dates. All data can be tagged and categorized to the needs of the team, making it easy to find what you’re looking for and build data sets.

Residential real estate teams can use the CRM software to manage their calendars and tasks. Tasks and important dates can be viewed by property, contact, or transaction, and an overview of deadlines and events can be seen from the calendar view. Email and SMS communications can be managed in the platform, with specified access permissions.

Realvolve Standout Features and Integrations

Features include referral and lead source tracking, document management, note-taking, task assignment, calendar scheduling, property records, email and text automation, flexible search, and workflow builder with pre-built templates. 

Integrations include Evernote, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Twitter. Zapier can be used to build additional integrations and automations.

Price: From $94/month

Free Trial: 2-month free trial and free demo available

  • Generous 2-month free trial
  • On-demand training videos available
  • Highly customizable workflows
  • Somewhat complex user interface
  • Steep learning curve

5. Real Geeks - Best with a real-time activity feed

real geeks real estate crm software screenshot
The live activity feed in the software’s dashboard updates users on real-time developments in their deals.

Real Geeks is a real estate CRM software with lead distribution, lead tracking, contact management, and pipeline management tools.

Why I picked Real Geeks: This software tracks website visits to provide insights into how leads are navigating your site and when they’re coming back. Once leads are captured, they can be automatically assigned to an agent based on location, and then tracked through the sales pipeline using the status bar in the software. Contact records can also be enriched with social media profile data, and automated email and text messaging can be set up.

What stands out about this option is its live feed in the dashboard. The feed gives real-time updates on lead website activity, communications, and actions taken by agents. Users can filter the feed to show specific activities or to show only activity from leads assigned to them. Notifications can also be set up to alert agents about specific activities or leads.

Real Geeks Standout Features and Integrations

Features include website tracking, automated lead distribution, sales pipeline management, data enrichment, automated email and SMS, live feed, notifications, Facebook ad management, market reports, and a mobile app.

Integrations can be configured using API Nation.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Clean, friendly user interface
  • Robust help center with product feature walkthroughs
  • Website and lead sourcing also available
  • Lacking in reporting and analytics tools
  • No free trial available

6. Close CRM - Best for real estate small businesses

close crm real estate crm software screenshot
A centralized inbox gives users an overview of their upcoming tasks in addition to lead calls, emails, and text messages.

Close CRM handles contact management, calling, email communications, deal management, and reporting.

Why I picked Close CRM: When you open the software, you land in a centralized inbox that displays your upcoming tasks, calls, emails, and text messages, helping you prioritize your work day. From the contact database, you can search and filter through contacts to build out lists for outreach and lead nurturing. Outreach can be done via email sequences or auto-dialer phone calls.

Designed for small businesses in various industries, this software is suitable for house flippers or real estate photographers as much as it is for more traditional brokers and property managers. Users can track deals through their sales pipeline and customize lead activities to suit their unique business needs. The software’s reporting module provides forecasting and predictive insights as well as customizable KPI reports.

Close CRM Standout Features and Integrations

Features include tasks and to-dos, advanced filtering options, list building, email sequencing, auto-dialer, sales pipeline, custom activities, data import, predictive insights, and analytics reporting.

Integrations include ActionDesk, Alice, Enthu, Fathom Video, Geckoboard, Gmail, Google Calendar, Intersect, Kennected, Leadinfo, Magic Sales Bot, Reply, SavvyCal, Segment, and Zoom. Other integrations are configured with Zapier, which is included with all plans.

Price: From $119/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial available

  • Zapier integration included with all plans
  • Self-serve help center with complete user manual
  • Free migration from existing CRM or database
  • Limited at 3-5 users, additional users cost a fee
  • Lacking some real estate-specific features

7. Follow Up Boss - Best for real estate team collaboration

follow up boss real estate crm software screenshot
Users can assign tasks and follow-ups to other team members to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Follow Up Boss is CRM software with relationship management and marketing tools for real estate teams.

Why I picked Follow Up Boss: Teams working collaboratively can stay up-to-date and exchange communications about leads and deals all from within this software. Leads can be assigned to agents by zip code or price point, and smart lists help teams automatically prioritize leads for outreach and follow-up. Leads can be contacted via email, phone, or text message through the software.

The software’s shared team inbox allows agents to easily transfer contacts, assign tasks, and schedule follow-ups with leads. Field agents will be notified about new leads via the mobile app, and can assign them to another team member working from the office to ensure a timely follow-up. These features support team collaboration and an improved customer experience.

Follow Up Boss Standout Features and Integrations

Features include lead import, manual and automated lead distribution, calendar view, appointment scheduling, pipeline management, file storage, task assignment, and agent accountability.

Integrations include BombBomb, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Workspace, IDX websites, Mailchimp, Microsoft 365, SendGrid, and Structurely. Users can configure other integrations with a paid Zapier account.

Price: From $69/user/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial available

  • On-demand training videos and webinars
  • Unlimited contact records with every plan
  • Phone and email support with every plan
  • Not intuitive to connect related contacts
  • Reporting tools are rudimentary

8. Market Leader - Best for building a customized website

market leader real estate crm software screenshot
Real estate professionals can build customized websites in addition to sourcing and managing leads with the software.

Market Leader offers a CRM, lead sourcing, customizable websites, and marketing automation tools for real estate businesses.

Why I picked Market Leader: This software not only stores your lead data, it also sources leads for your business via HouseValues lead capture and Leads Direct pay-per-click advertising. Agents can manage their daily tasks, follow-ups, and deals through the mobile app, and automate multi-channel marketing campaigns with print, email, and phone communications. The software also has social media management and content library management tools.

Real estate agents can build customized websites with the software’s drag-and-drop interface and various layout options. A bank of widgets are available to add a personalized touch to your website and stand out from the competition. All websites are responsive and offer lead capture functionality.

Market Leader Standout Features and Integrations

Features include lead sourcing, pay-per-click advertising, multi-channel marketing campaigns, social media management, website builder, content management, and a mobile app.

Integrations information not currently available.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Self-serve training webinars and guides available
  • Manage website, leads, and marketing in one place
  • Friendly and easy to navigate user interface
  • Can be time consuming to get up and running
  • Lead quality from sourcing channels can vary

9. CINC - Best all-in-one real estate software

cinc real estate crm software screenshot
Users can generate and nurture leads, build their website, and manage their team through the platform.

CINC is real estate software with lead generation, team management, website hosting, and marketing and advertising tools.

Why I picked CINC: This software provider offers an in-house team to manage your advertising efforts, supporting your lead generation through search, social media, and display advertising. Automated lead routing and activity tracking help teams keep track of each team member’s performance. An IDX website builder is also available in the platform with customizable layouts, and automated email and SMS campaigns help you follow up and stay top of mind.

Teams that want to consolidate their operations in a single platform can benefit from the software’s all-in-one functionality. Rather than plugging a CRM into your other SaaS tools and jumping between apps, you can bring everything together.

CINC Standout Features and Integrations

Features include lead generation, ad management, website builder, landing pages, lead routing, mobile app, mass messaging, email and SMS campaigns, and data importing.

Integrations can be configured with a Zapier account.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Comes with outsourced ad management
  • Large knowledge base and training videos
  • Dedicated customer support
  • AI chatbot and dialer cost an additional fee
  • Limited reporting and analytics tools.

10. inside real estate - Best modular solution for enterprise

inside real estate screenshot
Several software products are available, making for a modular, scalable solution for enterprise businesses.

inside real estate offers a suite of products, including front office, back office, listing management, presentation management, and homeownership lifecycle software.

Why I picked inside real estate: kvCORE, the flagship product from inside real estate, offers an IDX website builder, listing manager, CRM, marketing tools, and analytics. It can facilitate automated lead validation and scoring, multi-channel marketing campaigns, and ad management. Users can publish listings across various channels via the platform, and track their performance with the analytics dashboard.

This software offers robust functionality and a wide range of features, making it a good option for large businesses and enterprises. Plans are available for smaller businesses and teams, but companies with a broader scale of operations will benefit most from the modular, scalable set of products.

inside real estate Standout Features and Integrations

Features include automated lead scoring, multi-channel marketing campaigns, one-click listings, listing alerts, mass-messaging, IDX website builder, and behavior tracking.

Integrations come with the kvCORE Marketplace, and include AgentFire, BrokerMint, Docusign, Dotloop, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SkySlope, SmarterAgent, WalkScore, and Zillow.

Price: Pricing available upon request

Free Trial: Free demo available

  • Personalized product onboarding
  • Community of over 50K real estate professionals
  • Modular, scalable solution
  • May not be suitable for smaller businesses
  • Robust system comes with a learning curve

Other Options: Additional Real Estate CRMs

Didn’t find the best real estate CRM for your needs in the short list? Here are a few more options worth checking out:

  • Zoho CRM - Best with buyer and seller portals
  • HubSpot - Best scalable solution for large businesses
  • Salesmate - Best low-cost real estate CRM
  • TopProducer - Best for gathering market insights
  • Apptivo - Best CRM and project management combined
  • Streak - Best CRM with Gmail integration
  • Agora - Best for investor management

How I Selected the Best Real Estate CRM Software

To compile this list of the best real estate CRM software, I started with a broad selection of CRM software suited for real estate companies with positive user ratings. From there, I narrowed it down by evaluating each platform based on the selection criteria I’ve outlined below. Finally, I leaned on my background in revenue operations to look for standout, value-add features in each software that made them stand out from the competition.

Selection Criteria

Here’s the criteria I used to evaluate each of the real estate CRM software on my list:


CRM platforms vary in terms of scope, so I looked at the overall functionality of each software and what kinds of tasks it’s capable of facilitating. Some are end-to-end solutions with everything from website creation to lead capture to contact management and marketing automation tools. Others are more simple lead management systems, so I’ve done my best to explain the full capabilities of each software in the overviews.


You’re a realtor, not a tech whiz! Even for the most tech-savvy among us, ease of use can be a make or break factor in our adoption of new software. Clunky outdated systems or a sea of unnecessary features just get in the way and slow you down—the opposite of what you’re looking for. A screenshot of each software’s user interface and notes on its user-friendliness can be found in my overviews.


For better or for worse, most of us have a bit of a “franken-stack”—a cobbled-together cluster of various software that helps us get the job done. Many of the software listed connect with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, IDX websites, or others. So take a peek at the lists of integrations I’ve added to each overview to see how it will connect with the tools you’re already using.


Ah, the elusive question: How much does CRM software cost? The truth is, it really depends. Some software designed for small businesses offer relatively affordable monthly pricing with unlimited users, while enterprise solutions will charge a high flat rate or a rate per user per month. I’ve added the pricing information for each software on my list and noted if they have any free trial or plan available.


Slightly different from functionality, features are the individual tools or capabilities a software offers that help you achieve your objectives. Some CRM software have advanced customization options, others offer artificial intelligence-powered forecasting, and others still have leaderboards and team collaboration tools. Standout features are included in the overviews of each software, and a long list of key features to look for can be found in the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate CRM Software

If you still have questions about using a CRM for your real estate brokerage or what features to look for, you’ve landed in the right section. Here are answers to a few common questions realtors have about CRM software.

Find The Best Real Estate CRM Software For You

There are a lot of CRM software out there, and finding the best one for your needs can be tricky. Especially in an industry like real estate, processes and operations can be vastly different from one organization to the next. By getting an overview of the features and best use cases of each of these options, you can start to narrow down your search and find that perfect match.

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