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In this review, I’m going to share my analysis and evaluation from my hands-on experience with Brainshark. But first, if you’re just beginning your search for the best sales enablement tools, check out my picks for the best sales enablement software. You probably already know that Brainshark is among the most popular sales enablement tools out there, but you need to better understand what’s good (and not so good) about it.

This in-depth Brainshark review will walk you through the tool's pros and cons, features and functionality, and more to help guide you to better understand its capabilities and its suitability for your needs.

Brainshark software review, a screenshot of the tool's dashboard
I like how Brainshark's sales enablement software provides sellers with comprehensive training, coaching, and content to optimize every buyer interaction.

Brainshark Product Overview

Brainshark software serves as a versatile platform for sales enablement, offering robust content authoring capabilities, including PowerPoint integrations and a mobile app for on-demand training access. Designed for companies of varying sizes, it streamlines onboarding and continuous training with features such as customizable scorecards, sales coaching modules, and certifications to ensure sales teams meet their terms of effectiveness and compliance. Target users include sales teams and trainers seeking efficient methods to create, manage, and deliver training content.

The platform's benefits lie in its ability to provide end users with a comprehensive LMS that supports new hire education and the ongoing enhancement of sales skills. It addresses pain points like scattered sales content management and inconsistent sales team performance. User reviews often highlight the ease of creating and disseminating sales materials and the value of real-time visibility into team readiness as among Brainshark’s best features, further strengthened by Microsoft ecosystem integration.


  • Rich Analytics: Detailed insights into content engagement help teams understand what resonates with their audience.
  • Content Library: A centralized hub makes it simple to access and manage sales materials.
  • Interactive Coaching: Real-time feedback mechanisms allow for prompt and actionable coaching opportunities.


  • Limited Customization: Less flexibility in tailoring the platform to unique business processes.
  • Learning Curve: Some users may find the array of features overwhelming initially.
  • Integration Depth: While it integrates with several CRMs, the level of integration may be shallower compared to others.

Expert Opinion

From my experience, Brainshark stands as a solid contender in the sales enablement and readiness software arena, particularly when it comes to its analytics and content library. However, while it offers comprehensive features, its pricing and functionality may not always align with every business model, especially smaller operations that require more customization and deeper CRM integrations.

Brainshark excels in environments where scaling sales training and maximizing content reach are top priorities, but it might fall short for companies looking for highly tailored solutions or those that require intricate integration with their existing systems. When choosing the right platform, sales teams must weigh these factors, judging how the tool aligns with their strategic objectives.

Brainshark: The Bottom Line

What sets Brainshark apart in the realm of sales enablement platforms is its robust approach to analytics and the ease with which it allows teams to create, share, and track sales content and training. The tool shines in fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, backed by actionable data.

Its content library stands out as a particularly good feature, offering a wealth of resources in an organized, easily navigable format. These aspects, combined with the interactive coaching capabilities, not only distinguish Brainshark from its peers but also position it as a noteworthy choice for sales teams focused on elevating their knowledge and skills systematically.

Brainshark Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Content Management - Yes
  2. Content Sharing - Yes
  3. Analytics and Reporting - Yes
  4. CRM Integration - Yes
  5. Email Integration - Yes
  6. Training and Coaching Tools - Yes
  7. Personalized Learning Paths - Yes
  8. Mobile Access - Yes
  9. Performance Management - Yes
  10. Role-Based Access Control - Yes
  11. Custom Branding - Yes
  12. Sales Playbooks - Yes
  13. Assessments and Testing - Yes
  14. Interactive Content - Yes
  15. Content Creation Tools - Yes
  16. AI-Powered Insights - Yes
  17. Real-Time Notifications - Yes
  18. Third-Party Content Integration - Yes
  19. Offline Access - Yes
  20. Customer Success Support - Yes
  21. Sales Forecasting Tools - No
  22. Gamification - No
  23. In-App Collaboration Tools - No
  24. Lead Scoring - No
  25. Proposal Generation - No

Brainshark Feature Overview

  1. Content Management: Brainshark provides a robust content management system that allows users to store, organize, and update sales materials easily. What stands out is the ease of updating content in real-time, ensuring sales teams always have the latest information at their fingertips.
  2. Analytics and Reporting: The analytics feature in Brainshark offers in-depth insights into how content is performing and how sales teams are engaging with materials. Its granularity in reporting stands out, which aids in refining sales strategies.
  3. CRM Integration: Brainshark integrates with CRM systems, which allows for tracking sales activities and correlating them with content usage. This integration is easy, offering sales teams valuable context right within their CRM.
  4. Training and Coaching Tools: With Brainshark, training and coaching go beyond standard learning management systems. It offers unique features such as video-based coaching and peer review capabilities that set it apart.
  5. Personalized Learning Paths: Brainshark allows for the creation of personalized learning paths that tailor training to individual sales team members' needs. The personalization aspect ensures that each team member can focus on the most relevant areas for improvement.
  6. Mobile Access: The mobile access feature ensures that sales teams can learn on the go, with easy access to content anytime, anywhere. This feature stands out due to its user-friendly mobile interface.
  7. Interactive Content: Interactive content features like quizzes and surveys within Brainshark help keep sales teams engaged and facilitate better knowledge retention. Its interactive tools are more sophisticated compared to some other platforms.
  8. Content Creation Tools: Brainshark's content creation tools are intuitive, making it easy for sales and marketing teams to create compelling training material without needing extensive technical skills.
  9. Performance Management: The performance management tools help managers track and measure individual sales performance against training efforts. Brainshark offers unique insight into how readiness impacts sales outcomes.
  10. Sales Playbooks: Sales playbooks in Brainshark provide a strategic framework for sales teams to follow, ensuring consistent messaging and strategy. The customizable nature of these playbooks allows for tailored approaches to different selling scenarios.

Standout Functionality

  1. Video-Based Coaching: Its video-based coaching is particularly differentiated, allowing sales reps to practice their pitches and receive feedback directly within the platform, fostering a more engaging and interactive learning experience.
  2. Advanced Content Insights: Brainshark's granular analytics provide detailed insights not just on content usage but also on how individual pieces of content influence sales performance, offering actionable data that is not as deeply explored in some competing platforms.
  3. Comprehensive Content Library with Real-Time Updates: The comprehensive content library that supports real-time updates ensures that all sales reps have immediate access to the latest materials, a feature that promotes a highly agile and responsive sales training environment.


Brainshark offers native integrations with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, allowing for a streamlined workflow where sales activities and training can be correlated and accessed within the CRM interface. It provides an API that enables additional custom integrations, broadening its interoperability with various enterprise tools. There are also add-ons available that extend the platform's capabilities, such as advanced analytics and additional coaching functionalities.

Brainshark Pricing

Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

I find Brainshark to be relatively straightforward to navigate with a clear interface. However, due to its extensive feature set, new users might experience a learning curve while getting accustomed to the platform. Certain complex functionalities, such as advanced analytics or content management, may require training to fully exploit their capabilities.

Customer Support

The customer support provided by Brainshark includes a range of options from documentation to live webinars and a responsive live chat service. However, some users have noted that the response times can vary, and there can be a lag in resolving more complex issues. While the breadth of resources is comprehensive, navigating through them to find specific answers can sometimes be a challenge.

Brainshark Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Brainshark?

Brainshark suits organizations looking for a comprehensive sales enablement and training solution. It works well for medium to large companies where sales processes are complex and ongoing training is essential. The most loyal and avid customers tend to be from industries like pharmaceuticals, technology, and manufacturing, where the sales cycle is lengthy and requires in-depth product knowledge.

Companies with large sales teams that benefit from structured learning paths and those who value insights from detailed analytics on sales readiness would find Brainshark a good fit. Environments, where there is a focus on measurable sales training outcomes and content management, are also ideal for Brainshark.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Brainshark?

Companies looking for a basic, plug-and-play solution may find Brainshark overwhelming due to its broad range of features and the initial learning curve involved. Small startups or businesses with small sales teams might not fully utilize its extensive functionalities, making it less cost-effective. Organizations that require only the simplest form of content sharing without the need for detailed tracking and reporting might also be disappointed. Industries that have a very short sales cycle or those that do not require extensive sales training and content might not find Brainshark to be the best fit.

Brainshark FAQs

What is Brainshark used for?

Brainshark is used for sales enablement and readiness, providing tools for training, coaching, content management, and analytics.

Can Brainshark integrate with CRM platforms?

Yes, Brainshark integrates with CRM platforms like Salesforce, allowing for streamlined sales activity tracking.

Is Brainshark accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, Brainshark offers mobile access, enabling sales teams to use the platform on the go.

Does Brainshark support content creation?

Yes, Brainshark provides content creation tools for users to create engaging and interactive sales training materials.

What types of learning paths does Brainshark offer?

Brainshark offers personalized learning paths that can be customized to suit the individual training needs of sales reps.

Are there analytics and reporting features in Brainshark?

Yes, Brainshark provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features to gauge content effectiveness and sales readiness.

Can I get customer support for Brainshark?

Brainshark provides customer support through various channels including documentation, live webinars, and live chat.

Does Brainshark offer video-based coaching?

Yes, Brainshark offers video-based coaching, allowing for interactive training and feedback.

Alternatives to Brainshark

  • Highspot: Often chosen for its user-friendly interface and adaptive content management, making it better for teams that prioritize ease of use.
  • Seismic: Selected for its deep integration capabilities and advanced content personalization, which is ideal for teams needing a high level of customization.
  • SalesLoft: Preferred for its focus on sales engagement and communication tracking, making it better for sales teams that emphasize outreach and engagement metrics.

Brainshark Company Overview & History

Brainshark provides sales enablement and readiness solutions designed to improve sales training and performance. Various companies, especially those in complex sales environments, use Brainshark to ensure their sales teams are up-to-date and effective. It's a private company with a range of clients across industries. The ownership of Brainshark is not publicly disclosed, and its headquarters are located in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Notable individuals associated with Brainshark include its founders, senior executives, and advisory board members, who bring a wealth of experience from the technology and sales sectors. The company's mission is to empower organizations to prepare their sales teams with the knowledge and skills needed to perform at the highest level. Since its founding, Brainshark has reached notable milestones, including significant product launches, partnerships, and expansion into international markets.


In this review, I've provided a comprehensive look at Brainshark, exploring its fit for various business sizes and needs, detailed features, and the environments where it thrives or falls short. While it presents a robust set of tools for sales enablement and readiness, it's best suited for larger organizations that can fully leverage its extensive offerings.

Its unique approach to video coaching, content management, and in-depth analytics makes it a noteworthy contender in the market. If you're looking for a sophisticated solution to elevate your sales team's performance and readiness, Brainshark merits consideration. I invite you to share your experiences or any questions you might have about Brainshark in the comments.

Phil Gray
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