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As we continue to elevate the RevOps function, conferences are crucial to upskilling, networking, and driving go-to-market alignment. Here are 5 of the best RevOps conferences to attend this year to grow personally and professionally.

Best RevOps Conferences 2024 Shortlist

Here's a shortlist of the best RevOps conferences I think are worth attending in 2024: 

  1. Go-To-Market Alliance - Los Angeles, CA (April 2024)
  2. Forrester B2B Summit North America - Austin, TX (May 2024)
  3. RevOpsAF 2024 - San Diego Convention Center (May 2024)
  4. SEC Sales Enablement Summit - Multiple Dates and Locations
  5. GTM2024 - Austin, TX (October 2024)

Find more details about each conference below.

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Best RevOps Conferences Of 2024

1. Go-To-Market Alliance - Los Angeles, CA (April 2024)

Go-To-Market Alliance website screenshot
Go-To-Market Alliance is the pivotal meeting spot for professionals to align on strategies and innovations in go-to-market excellence.


This two-day conference event focuses on aligning sales, marketing, and customer success operations to optimize go-to-market (GTM) strategies.

Why You Should Attend:

It's a prime spot for RevOps professionals looking to fine-tune their strategy and operations in a way that fosters alignment across departments. Adding to the appeal are keynote speakers like Emi Wayner, Head of Strategy and Growth, Global Customer Marketing Programs at Google, and Ed Cho, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce.

2. Forrester B2B Summit North America - Austin, TX (May 2024)

Forrester B2B Summit North America website screenshot
Forrester B2B Summit North America is the essential conference for B2B marketing, sales, and product innovators to share insights and forge the future


This summit is known for its focus on B2B marketing, sales, and product strategies. Keynote speakers like Geraldine Tunnell, Chief Marketing Officer at Dell Technologies, and Bob Safian, Advisor and Podcast Host at The Flux Group, further enhance the value of attending.

Why You Should Attend:

Forrester B2B Summit North America offers a comprehensive look at the latest trends, tools, and methodologies in RevOps. Attendees can expect a lineup of thought leaders and practitioners sharing case studies, success stories, and frameworks for building a high-performing RevOps engine.

3. RevOpsAF 2024 - San Diego, CA (May 2024)

RevOpsAF 2024 website screenshot
RevOpsAF 2024 is a premier event for RevOps professionals to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the future of revenue operations


This unique event focuses on the automation aspect of RevOps, showcasing the latest in automation technologies, strategies, and implementations. Speakers range from startup founders to tech giants’ executives, like Manny Medina, CEO at Outreach, and Daphne Costa Lopes, Head of Customer Success at HubSpot.

Why You Should Attend:

For those interested in leveraging technology to streamline operations and boost productivity, the practical demonstrations and case studies here are particularly beneficial. It’s a perfect event for those looking to drive efficiency through automation, with sessions on everything from AI and machine learning to CRM integrations and workflow automation.

4. SEC Sales Enablement Summit - Multiple dates and locations

SEC Sales Enablement Summit website screenshot
SEC Sales Enablement Summit is a conference for sales professionals eager to boost efficiency and skyrocket growth through enablement strategies

SEC Sales Enablement Summit: Conference Locations and Dates

Denver | DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Denver, COApril 10-11, 2024
GTM2024 | Conrad Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA April 24-25, 2024
Amsterdam | Okura Hotel Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands May 16-17, 2024
Las Vegas | ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV May 22-23, 2024
Atlanta | Twelve Midtown, Autograph Collection, Atlanta, GAJun 5-6, 2024
Seattle | Grand Hyatt Seattle, Seattle, WA Jun 12-13, 2024
San Francisco | San Francisco Marriott Marquis, San Franciso, CA September 4-5, 2024
Boston | The Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA October 3-4, 2024
Sydney | Doltone House - Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont NSW October 30-31, 2024
Singapore | The St. Regis, SingaporeNovember 6, 2024
Chicago | TBD November 14-15, 2024
Toronto | TBD November 20-21, 2024
London | TBD December 4-5, 2024
Austin | TBD February 12-13, 2025


Part of a global series, these summits focus on enhancing sales performance through effective enablement strategies.

Why You Should Attend:

The agenda of SEC Sales Enablement Summit typically covers the integration of sales enablement into RevOps, content management, training techniques, and performance analytics. For RevOps professionals looking to elevate sales outcomes through strategic enablement, these summits offer a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities.

5. GTM2024 - Austin, TX (October 2024)

Pavilion's GTM2024 is the only B2B SaaS conference exclusively for go-to-market executives, bringing together GTM leaders to learn, get aligned, and get ahead on planning for 2025.


GTM2024 focuses on strategies for effectively bringing products to market and accelerating growth. It's designed for leaders in sales, marketing, and product roles, making it highly relevant for RevOps professionals interested in optimizing go-to-market strategies.

Why You Should Attend:

With a laser focus on go-to-market strategies, this summit is perfect for RevOps leaders looking to streamline the alignment between sales, marketing, and product teams to drive efficient and effective market entry and growth.

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By Kerri Linsenbigler

Kerri Linsenbigler is the Senior Editor for The RevOps Team. She cut her teeth on revenue operations while leading content marketing and insights for a global membership of go-to-market executives.

Kerri built her career on helping people win at work with nearly a decade of storytelling experience in advertising, marketing, and public relations. She is also the co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Kind Folks Finish First: The Considerate Path to Success in Business and Life.