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10 Best LinkedIn Automation Software of 2023

Chances are, you've received some type of marketing outreach from a new connection on LinkedIn—that's probably an example of LinkedIn automation software at work.

I've worked at several companies that have used LinkedIn automation software to contribute to their revenue operations function, whether it's for direct outreach or for lead prospecting.

I'll summarize a few of the best tools in the industry and explain a bit more about how LinkedIn automation tools work, and the different things people used LinkedIn software to accomplish.

So, whether you're just starting out or you're looking for an upgrade, read on for the best LinkedIn automation software out there.

What Is LinkedIn Automation Software?

LinkedIn automation software is a type of sales or marketing software (depending on what you use it for) that lets you automate your LinkedIn activities. This means that you can set it and forget it, and the software will take care of the tasks you specify.

For example, some tools help you automatically send connection requests or send messages.

Other tools are more focused on LinkedIn content management, so those tools help you schedule posts or glean better insights on your content performance than using the built-in LinkedIn stats.

There are also a large amount of tools designed for prospecting and lead generation. Sales teams use these to find and connect with potential leads, or to research companies and individuals.

What Do People Use LinkedIn Automation Software For?

LinkedIn automation software is used for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common ones:

1. Sending out automated connection requests

2. Sorting through and organizing your contacts

3. Sending out automated messages to your contacts

4. Scheduling posts on LinkedIn

5. Gathering analytics on your LinkedIn account

I generally put LinkedIn automation tools into one of two main categories: publishing-focused tools (these help you post, schedule, and curate content), and lead generation tools (these help you make connections, send messages, and bring leads into your CRM).

10 Best LinkedIn Automation Software

  2. Hootsuite
  3. Linkedin Sales Navigator
  4. MeetAlfred
  5. Socialpilot
  6. Leadjet
  7. Linked Assist
  8. Octopus CRM
  9. Dripify
  10. Lead Connect

Other LinkedIn Automation Software

Here are some other options beyond the top 10 that are worth exploring:

  1. Waalaxy
  2. LinkedCamp
  3. GP Group Poster

How Much Does LinkedIn Automation Software Usually Cost?

The publishing-focused tools that help you manage your posting or commenting are generally less expensive (around $25 USD per month).

A lot of LinkedIn automation software that's more focused on lead generation, outreach, or other sales functions costs a bit more, often somewhere around $50 per month. That's a pretty standard price for automation tools like Phantom Buster, which isn't a pure-play LinkedIn automation tool (it's more of a cross-application automation tool similar to, and more advanced than, IFTTT).

Key Features

Given the importance of LinkedIn in today's business world, it's no surprise that there's a wide range of LinkedIn automation software on the market. To help you choose the right tool, here are some of the features I look for, and I suggest you look for as well:

First and foremost, the software should be easy to use. You don't want to spend hours trying to figure out how to use the tool. I factor this into my evaluation of the tool, and I only recommend tools that are easy to learn and use.

For publishing-focused tools, look for key features like:

  • the ability to plan your content on a calendar
  • features that let you schedule posts in advance
  • features to automatically curate/share other posts

For tools focused on Lead Generation, look for key features like:

  • easy integration with the CRM you use (unless you want to use the tool as a standalone, LinkedIn-based CRM, in which case you should make sure the tool includes a CRM)
  • features that scan for connection opportunities and make connection requests
  • the ability to send personalized messages and automated followups

Why Use LinkedIn Automation Software?

LinkedIn automation software are often fairly inexpensive for what you can achieve by using them.

For the tools that automate routine tasks like making connection requests, it's a great way to save time (and boredom) by eliminating a task that's easy to hand off to an algorithm.


When looking for the best LinkedIn automation software, there are a few key features to look out for.

First, make sure the software can help you automate your LinkedIn connections and messages. This will save you a lot of time and energy. Secondly, make sure the software is easy to use and can be customized according to your needs. Finally, make sure the software is affordable and offers good value for money.

By Phil Gray

Philip Gray is the COO of Black and White Zebra, a digital publishing and tech company. He hails from rainy Glasgow, Scotland transplanted in not quite as rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada. With 10+ years of experience in leadership and operations in industries that include biotechnology, healthcare, logistics, and SaaS, he applies a considerable broad scope of experience in business that lets him see the big picture. His love for data and all things revenue operations landed him this role as resident big brain for the RevOpsTeam. A business renaissance man with his hands in many departmental pies, he is an advocate of centralized data management, holistic planning, and process automation. An unapologetic buzzword apologist, you can often find him double clicking, drilling down, and unpacking all the things.

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